Zoe Hague

If you are on social media platforms like Instagram, you might have heard of this pretty British lady named Zoe Hague. Well, you might open Google everyone and then these days, well, she is there as well. Zoe Hague has caused a stir on social media lately. Wanna know why?

Before discussing Zoe, we wanna ask you this, do you know who Molly Mae Hague is. If you know who Molly Mae Hague is, you will grow very curious about Zoe Hague. Molly Hague is a gorges TV personality from Hertfordshire, the UK. And Zoe is her sister.

Quick Facts: Zoe Hague

NameZoe Hague
Age24 years old
Height5 feet 3 inch approx.
ProfessionMilitary Officer
ParentsStephen Hague & Debbie Gordon
SiblingsMolly-Mae Hague

After netizens found the Zoe resembles Molly to such a high extent, they couldn’t help but wonder who Zoe is? What is her age, her job status, and many more? This has held a lot of netizens google time and again. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. 

Find out who Molly’s lookalike sister Zoe Hague is. Her age, job, Instagram, family, and many more.

10 Facts on Zoe Hague

  1. Zoe Hague is a British national who is famed as the sister of Brtish TV star Molly Mae Hague. Molly is famous for her appearance on the reality TV show, Love Island UK.
  2. Zoe’s sister Molly has been appearing as a contestant on Love Island UK since 2015.
  3. Though Zoe rose to fame as the look-alike sister of Molly Hague, she now boasts a huge fan following on social media like Instagram.
  4. We believe no one would be hard-pressed to call Zoe Hague as an Instagram star today. She has 59.4k followers on her Instagram page. 
  5. Her Instagram handle is @zoehague. As seen on her Insta, Zoe Hague is 24 years of age now. This means Zoe is elder than her sister Molly. 
  6. Molly was born on May 26, 1999, and is 21 years old. So, Zoe is 3 years elder than Molly. Meanwhile, the detail about Zoe’s birthday is not public.
  7. Zoe lives with her sister and their parents. Her father is Stephen Hague and her mother is Debbie Gordon.
  8. The detail about Zoe Hague’s height and weight are not public. Meanwhile, she appears to be around 5 feet and 3 inches tall in 2020.
  9. Speaking about her job and professional side, Zoe is not a TV star like her sister Molly. Instead, Zoe works in the military.
  10. She is a military medical officer. She is also a successful athlete and has competed in triathlons and marathons.