You Must Not Miss These 20 Genius Google Tips and Tricks That’ll Enhance Your Search

A lot of people use google today. In fact, virtually everyone who has access to the internet makes use of Google search for one inquiry, research or the other. Most of the times, we are not always able to utilize or enjoy the full benefits of a particular thing because we are not well informed. This is the same thing with Google. There are many tips and tricks that’ll enable you to put the full potentials of this wonderful search engine into use which you never knew. They are the following:

1. Hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’ without actually typing anything into the search box and you’ll get a list of all the Google doodles — all the way back to 1998.

2. Have you ever noticed this? Just google ‘zerg rush’ and your search results will be eaten up by Google’s O’s.

3. Has it ever crossed your mind to give google mathematical tasks to solve for you? It’s as simple as ABC! Just type the equation and search and the result will be right before your very eyes. This includes conversion of unit measurements, for instance converting grams to kilograms, currency conversion, etc.

4. Have you tried asking google to do a barrel roll? Give it a try now and you’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get. Google will do a barrel roll right away!

5. Are you a bit in a hurry and feel like searching for two items simultaneously to beat time? You’ve got nothing to worry about. Just insert “or” between the two items, and there you are!

6. Do you know you can search for the origin of words by simply adding “etymology” behind the word?

7. Google does language translation too! Do you want a particular statement to be translated into other languages? Its one of the simplest things google does. Just type translate ‘the text’ to the language you desire and its done. for instance, “translate I love You to Dutch”.

8. I bet you do not know this! You can actually find out when the sun will rise as well as when it will set in a particular place using google search. Just type sunrise or sunset followed by the name of the place and the answer will be right there.

9. Use Google as a timer by typing “set timer for” and then the amount of time.

10. If you want to make a search within a range of two numbers, just insert two dots between the two numbers

11. If you are looking for a PDF or Powerpoint on a specific topic you can search by file type by searching “filetype:PPT”. 

12. Do you want to know the date of a holiday? No need typing a long statement, just enter the name of the holiday and google will give you the exact date for it.

13. I think this is one of the most useful aspects of Google. When you can’t fully remember what you want to search for, just type the part of the sentence you could remember and replace the missing word or phrase with an asterisk. Google will try to find suitable results for your search.

14. If you don’t want Google to alter your search term in the results it’ll give… Then enclose the search terms in quotation marks, and Google will search for the words just in that exact order you wrote them.

15. With Google, you can search for sites that link another site on their pages. You do this simply by searching “link” and then the website.

16. You can remove a word or phrase from a google search by inserting a minus sign before the word(s) you intend removing. If you’ve already sent a google search but felt to remove a/some word(s), no need deleting, just insert a minus sign before whatever you want to exclude from the search.

17. In case you want to make a search just within a website… You can do just that by typing “site:” followed by the URL of the site and your search terms.

18. Do you know that Google has a built-in calculator for tipping? All you need do is just to search “tip calculator”.

19. Do you know that flight information are readily available on google?

If you have the flight number, you can search for and get as much information as you need about a particular flight.

20. Entertainment isn’t left out – You can play games on google!

Search “Atari Breakout” on Google Images and you can play the legendary block breaker with the results.