Why Was Ramee Banned On Twitch? Everything To Know About

Why Was Ramee Banned On Twitch? The Twitch streamer was banned from Twitch for 3 days during the final week of November. Ramee has finally revealed the reason behind the ban. 

After the ban, the streamer received a lot of negative responses from the viewers. Many viewers attacked him personally and Ramee has decided to take leave from Twitch for 2 weeks. He won’t be streaming for the next week and the other one. 

Quick Facts: Why Was Ramee Banned On Twitch? Everything To Know About


Moreover, Ramee is one of the growing Twitch streamers at the moment. He usually plays GTA V, which his viewers like the most. But you can find him in front of a computer playing Minecraft, Among Us, and many other games. 

As a result, Ramee has amassed over 150k followers on Twitch. Here are a few interesting facts to know about him.

10 Facts on Ramee

  1. Why Was Ramee Banned On Twitch? The streamer was banned on Twitch due to excessive reporting from the users.  
  2. However, Ramee has confirmed that he didn’t have any intention of causing harm to others. He was banned for three days. 
  3. The streamer has left Twitch for some time and won’t be streaming for the next 1-2 weeks. 
  4. Moreover, Ramee is relatively young. He is just 25 years of age. His birthday remains a mystery for now though.
  5. Neither has he revealed his real name. His Twitter handle says “Sticky Ramee.”
  6. Besides, you can find him on Instagram as well. He is not much active there though. 
  7. But Ramee is very active on Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter. He has accumulated more than 160k followers on Twitch. 
  8. Moreover, he doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the moment. The streamer is definitely unmarried. 
  9. Unfortunately, Ramee’s net worth and earnings remain under review for now. They will be updated soon. 
  10. Despite his recent fame, Ramee doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now.