Why Are The TikTok Captions Black? Some Stylish Captions For Girls

Why are the TikTok captions black? You might be referring to the Black Lives Matter protests going on in the USA and various other parts of the world. Last few days TikTokers have used their accounts for activism purpose and that’s just by including the words Black Lives Matter on their captions for TikTok video.

Choosing a caption is always a hard thing to do. You can have a perfect picture and go thinking on and on because you haven’t found any captions for the picture. If you want a guide for finding cool, stylish, and trendy captions as a girl on TikTok, I can’t say how much you lucked out because I am going to teach you all about it. 

Why Are TikTok Captions Black?

When I say TikTok captions are black, I don’t mean the color of the text in those captions. Most texts on the computer are black colored. I mean that recently with the death of George Floyd, the trend of activism through TikTok has increased greatly.

People have used the words “Black Lives Matter” on their captions and made videos that speak against racism and bigotry in the USA. That’s the main reason why people are using Black captions on their TikTok videos.

As you can see more and more people are posting videos like these on TikTok and to accompany that video, they are using “Black” on their captions.

Even before the death of George Floyd, people had been making videos celebrating Black History Month and used Black captions on Tiktok greatly.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that George Floyd’s killing brought a revolution everywhere and it definitely trickled down to TikTok where people are starting to use “Black” on their caption.

Some Stylish TikTok Captions For Girls

If you aren’t using your TikTok for activism purpose and just want to have some fun and do regular stuff, you might be needing caption for regular videos. it might be your dancing videos, or a meme or whatever.

You need a caption that reflects your personality so that your profile gets popular as more people empathize with you. Especially if you are a  girl, the online world could be judgemental and pressurizing. 

So, it’s great if you are looking for some captions that sound cool and empowering and sassy and funny and a little bit of everything. You could put these captions according to the kind of video that you have posted.

If you have posted something like this where you are dancing you could have captions like:

  1. I am a nightmare, I am a dream disguised as a fairy.
  2. Nothing is hotter than a girl who takes control and knows what she’s doing.
  3. 100% Savage, 100% Beautiful

These are just some examples I have thrown out and I am very aware that best captions always come to your mind on the spur of the moment and it’s something random as well.

Ideas For Some Cute Relationship Captions For Girls On TikTok

Sometimes you might want to refrain from using empowered and hot quotes but stick to cute relationship captions on your videos. You could embellish your video with a cute caption like:

  1. You might be wanting Vitamin D but I want Vitamin U.(Might be a little cheesy but what the hell…..)
  2. My favorite thing is to get hugged by you.

These are some examples I have seen on TikTok and always make your own captions. These are just examples of what could be a great caption but you need to express yourself and just say what’s on your mind. That always is the best thing to do.