Who Is Simone Mecky-Ballack? Meet Emilio Ballack Mother On Instagram

Simone Mecky-Ballack is the mother of Emilio Ballack who is dead in a quad-bike accident. Continue reading to learn about the incident.

Simone is a social media influencer and fashion model from Germany. The influencer is also widely perceived as the former wife of soccer player Michael Ballack.

She trended on the public domain following her son, Emilio Ballack’s untimely demise. The quad-bikes got flipped, and Emilio crashed, resulting in his death, Simone’s elder son, Louis Ballack.

Furthermore, the details regarding the incident are yet to be divulged.

Who Is Simone Mecky-Ballack?

Simone Mecky-Ballack is the mother of Emilio Ballack.

He was born on September 19, 2002, in Germany to his parents, Michael Ballack and Simone. The youthful German child was perceived to be a son of eminent parents.

It is outlined that Emilio was just 18 when this occurrence took place.

Simone Mecky-Ballack and her former husband Michael Ballack were married for only 4 years.

The couple, however, was together for over two decades. Simone and Michael share three children from their marital relationship. The influencer married Andreas Mecky after seven years of separation from Michael in 2019.

Andreas is disclosed to Simone’s childhood friend, who is known to be an IT specialist.

Meet Emilio Ballack Mother Simone Mecky-Ballack On Instagram.

Emilio Ballack’s mother, Simone Mecky-Ballack, is within easy reach on Instagram as @simoneballack.

The influencer has stockpiled a milestone of over 43k adherents thus far.

Furthermore, Ballack is already verified on the platform under the category of a public figure.

Simone Mecky-Ballack Age And Height

Simone Mecky-Ballack is 45 years old of age.

She was born on February 16, 1976. Simone grew up in Kaiserslautern with her mother after her parents separated.

Likewise, Simone stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches.