Who Is Shantall Lacayo From Project Runway Season 19? Meet The Designer On Instagram

Shantall Lacayo, the cast of Project Runway Season 19, is a fashion designer from Nicaragua. Continue reading to learn more about the Designer.   

Shantall Lacayo will compete for a spot at New York Fashion Week in the upcoming Bravo Emmy-winning TV reality series Project Runway.

Many aspiring fashionistas, including Shantall, will be showcasing their design skills for a chance to break into the industry on this reality show.

And finally, Project Runway enthusiasts will be able to rejoice as the iconic reality show is expected to return next week. In terms of entertainment, the new season turns up the heat.

Shantall Lacayo Project Runway Age: How Old Is She?

Shantall Lacayo from Project Runway is currently 37 years of age.

Shantall was born on May 4, 1984, in Managua, Nicaragua. She grew up with Lauren Lacayo, the owner of the “Museo-Galeria Genesis” art gallery.

Despite her desire to pursue a fashion designing course, she studied marketing because her passion did not exist in her home nation.

Right now, She is a successful businesswoman and a global advocate of Nicaraguan art and culture.

Shantall Lacayo Wikipedia: Where Is She From?

Shantall Lacayo does not have a Wikipedia page of her own, but she is mentioned on the page of Miss Nacaragua 2014.

She is originally from Nicaragua, a country in Central America.

Lacayo learned to sew at the age of four from her grandma, and by the age of thirteen, she had formed a sewing business at her school, selling flex t-shirt to her classmates for two dollars.

That was her method of assisting her single mum in paying the monthly bills.

Lacayo and her husband moved to Miami three years ago, where she initiated her fashion startup on social sites. In 2020, they expanded their business by producing jewelry and face masks.

Meet Shantall Lacayo Parents On Instagram

Shantall Lacayo has yet to mention her parents on Instagram or any of her other social media platforms.

Keeping that aside and talking about her current situation, Shantall Lacayo is a happily married woman. Yorch Sans, a well-known photographer, is her husband.

Yorch and Shantall’s marriage has lasted over six years. They have a son, Miffran Cayo, who is now two years old.

In terms of her Instagram popularity, she promptly has 48.7k followers and has posted over 2.5k times.

Shantall Lacayo Net Worth Details

Shantall Lacayo appears to have a net worth of approximately $500,000.

However, the above-mentioned data does not represent Shantall’s exact total wealth.

Since she has not disclosed anything about her earnings and riches to the public or the media to date, we cannot determine her assets’ worth.