Who Is Severin Beckwith? Brian Laundrie Look-A-Like Stopped At GunPoint

Severin Beckwith’s look-alike of Brian Laundrie is now trending all over the internet after he was held at gunpoint by federal authorities. Here’s more about the incident.

Severin Beckwith is at the moment talk of the town as he was held at gunpoint by federal authorities mistaking him for Brian Laundrie, the person involved in the Gabby Petito homicide case.

According to an article published on The NewYorkers, Severin Beckwith and his girlfriend were getting some winks at the Lodge at Fontana Village Resort after lunch when the whole scene happened.

Also, the victim said that he often felt that people around looked after him as if he was Laundrie.

Who Is Severin Beckwith?

Severin Beckwith is an Innocent Appalachian Trail hiker who was was handcuffed at gunpoint by cops who mistakenly thought he was Brian Laundrie.

Besides this, not much about the hiker has surfed on the web as his personal details are yet to be uploaded on the internet.

Well, we will update more about him as soon as we get more information about the hiker.

Brian Laundrie Look A Like -What Happened To Severin Beckwith?

Severin Beckwith, who is also popular on the web as the look-alike of Brian Laundrie, was held at gunpoint after being mistaken by tipsters as the wanted fugitive.

Moreover, the victim and his girlfriend were at a lodge on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina on October 7 when U.S. Marshals entered their room after knocking on their door several times.

Likewise, he was then immediately handcuffed when one of the feds helped Brettmann (his girlfriend) get dressed.

As he shared a resemblance with  Laundrie: skinny and pale, with a shaved head and a beard, all this incident happened because of this.

Well, for now, Mr.Severin Beckwith is safe and is out of custody. Not only were they removed from the custody but was also given a free night’s stay at the lodge.

Not to forget, he was released only after his hands were examined and looking for Laundrie’s tattoo, which he didn’t have. Additionally, police fingerprinted him and told him to shave his beard in to prove he wasn’t Gabby Petito’s fiancé.

Talking about Laundrie, an FBI arrest warrant was issued against him after alleging he used a Capitol One Bank debit card that wasn’t his under the act of use of unauthorized access device