Who Is Salim Hamze? Everything About The Teen Shot With His Father In Sydney

Salim Hamze, a teenager, and his father Toufik Hamze were both shot and killed in Sydney on the 20th of October 2021 (Wednesday). Here’s what you need to know about the case.

On Wednesday morning around 8:55 a.m., Salim Hamze and his father Toufik Hamze were discovered dead on a red street in Guildford’s west end.

The shooting was considered to be connected to a gangland rivalry and the car used in the shooting was observed to be a burnt-out vehicle. It was discovered on Murdock Lane, which is close by.

According to the preliminary investigation, the incident is suspected to have been carried out by two people.

However, police are now looking into whether the shooting was related to a gang and a rivalry between the Hamze and Alameddine families. No arrests, however, have been made.

Who Is Salim Hamze?

Salim Hamze was well-known to police, as per the State Crime Command director Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett, who spoke at a press conference.

As per him, Salim was on bail after an arrest in September on weapons charges. The police, on the other hand, was unsure of Salim’s position within the Hamze group.

After the shooting, Salim died on the spot while his gravely injured father was treated by NSW paramedics. He was transferred to Westmead Hospital, where he deceased from his injuries.

Interestingly, they are the third and fourth extended members of the family to be shot and killed in a year. The shooting is thought to have taken place as part of a violent street battle between the Alameddine and Hamze clans.

Salim Hamze Age & Wikipedia Explored

When Salim Hamze was shot and killed, his age was just 18 years old.

His father Toufik Hamze on the other hand was 64 years old.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable information available regarding his early years. When it comes to schooling, there isn’t much to talk about. He was a young man, possibly studying in college. However, the identity of the institution and the field in which he majored remain unknown.