Who Is Saima Mir Husband? Details To Know On Freelance Journalist

Saima Mir is a journalist and writer who has won many awards for her work. She was hired for the BBC and has also written for The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, and The Daily Telegraph. Learn more about Saima in the article below. 

Saima Mir is a journalist who has won many awards. She began her career as a reporter for the Telegraph & Argus before moving on to the BBC.

She has written for various newspapers, including The Times and The Independent, and has received the Commonwealth Broadcast Association’s World View Award.

Over two days, Saima’s essay for the Picador book “It’s Not About The Burqa” was read by over 250,000 people.

Saima Mir Wikipedia

There is no Wikipedia page for Saima Mir. She is an award-winning journalist and writer, according to the information we can discover on the internet.

In 2019, her work was published in the anthology It’s Not About the Burqa, and in 2020, her work was included in the collection The Best Most Awful Job. The Khan, her debut novel, will be released in January 2021 by Point Blank Publications.

The Commonwealth Broadcast Association World View Award and The K Blundell Trust Award have been wgiven to Saima. The Bath Novel Award and the SI Leeds Literary Prize have both shortlisted Saima’s work. Rendition Films has picked up her screenplay Ruby & Matt.

Is Saima Mir Divorced Or Married?

After two divorces, Saima Mir is now happily married to Adnan Bajwa. Her first marriage took place when she was 19 years old, and her second marriage took place when she was 23 years old.

Her first marriage ended because of her husband and her mother-in-law. She was mistreated and divorced her first husband.

Saima’s family believed that marrying her off again as soon as possible would be the best way to mend the problem. She married for the second time when she was 23 years old. We found that her second husband was young, and the couple had a misunderstanding about Saima’s sister-in-law.

Saima Mir Family & Children

Adnan Bajwa is the husband of Saima Mir. According to Saima Mir’s Instagram account, they appear to be happy together.

Mir shares post about her children, husband, and he career. She is the mother of three children. We can see from Saima’s Instagram account that she is enjoying her married life and motherhood.