Who Is Pro Golfer Gene Siller Wife? Everything To Know

Pro Golfer Gene Siller, who had a wife and 2 children along, is reported dead in a fatal shooting incident at the Pinetree Country Club. 

Gene Siller was an American professional golfer from Georgia, the United States, recognized as an active member of the Georgia State Golf Association.

Gene was always considered a great personality in golf since he had influenced many people to build a better golfing community.

Hence, with the recent news of his death, his fans have been shocked and deeply affected. Indeed, it is not quite believable for his fans that he would be murdered by someone.

Hence, concern regarding his age. Partner, family, and also the cause of his death are increasing.

Pro Golfer Gene Siller Wife: Was He Married?

Pro Golfer Gene Siller was married, and he did have a wife.

However, considering his private nature in the media, the precise details regarding her us not on the web.

Indeed, her face or even the most basic details like her name are still a mystery.

Moreover, Gene and his wife have 2 children together, aged 6 and 7 years old. And as expected, there is nothing more available about his children either.

Who Are Gene Siller Parents? Details On His Family

As mentioned, Gene Siller was a private person, so there is yet no information regarding his parents, with whom he most likely grew up.

Regarding his family, it included his wife and 2 small children, who are the only known members of the 41-year-old’s family.

What Is Gene Siller Net Worth?

Gene Siller should have had a net worth of about $500,000.

Since he was a pro golfer with numerous fans and followers, he certainly did have a net worth of over half a million dollars.

Gene Siller Cause Of Death

The cause of Gene Siller’s death is his gunshot wounds.

To be precise, Gene Siller was shot in the head by an unknown suspect at the Pinetree Country Club, where he died in the spot.

Well, not just him; 2 other people along with him are found shot dead.