Who Is Pedro Rosello aka Pegy Rosello? Everything About Gina Rosello Brother

Who Is Pedro Rosello aka Pegy Rosello? Pedro is a former drug smuggler who Netflix interviewed for its six-part documentary Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami.

He worked with Willy and Sal, who turned in over $2 billion by trafficking more than 75 tons of cocaine from Colombia.

Who Is Pedro Rosello aka Pegy Rosello?

Pedro Rosello, better known as Pegy, is a drug kingpin who worked with Sal and Willy.

Pegy got sentenced to 24 years in prison for smuggling cocaine in 1992. Later, he got released from jail, serving only four and a half years. His crime saga continued even after his time in prison.

In 2007, Pedro Rosello got arrested for having sex with a minor. It led to 12-year probation and an arrest in September of 2012 due to this probation violation.

In 2017, Pedro was arrested again, this time for trying to sell 5kg of cocaine. As of today, Pegy Rosello is serving time in jail. He is set to be released in 2022.

Is He Gina Rosello Brother?

Pedro Rosello is the brother of Gina Rosello.

Pedro first came in contact with the drug-dealing crew through Gina. Gina and Gustavo ‘Taby’ Falcon are married. They had been in a relationship since they were 14.

Furthermore, Gustavo is Willie’s brother. Falcon spent 26 years running from law enforcement.

Pedro Rosello Wikipedia

Pedro is yet to get featured on Wikipedia.

But many news media have covered his story. Furthermore, Netflix interviewed him in November of 2017 for a documentary.

Pedro Rosello Net Worth

Pedro ‘Peggy’ Rosello’s net worth is yet to get revealed.

It is said that he made millions in his time smuggling drugs.

Pegy’s ex-wife Alexia Echevarria has a net worth of $3 million.

More About Pedro Rosello Family

Rosello grew up in a low-income family. His father worked hard but earned a minor.

Seeing this, Pedro did not want a conventional job and opted to earn a lot of money through alternative ways. Through his sister Gina, he met Sally and Willy, with whom he smuggled cocaine.

Furthermore, Rosello’s ex-wife is Alexia Echevarria. They separated in 1997 after he got released from prison. He has two children, namely, Peter Rosello and Frankie Rosello.