Who Is Opera Singer Victory Brinker? Meet The 9-Year-Old Who Got Golden Buzzer From All The AGT Judges

America’s Got Talent contestant Victory Brinker brought a family member, her mother, to her incredible audition which won over all four judges. 

America’s Got Talent is currently in its sixth week of audition. And, the last golden buzzer is not given to anybody for quite some time now.

Starting the 6th episode with a pigeon on the stage, which the judges considered good luck, Victory Brinker from Pennsylvania gave a really amazing which was astonishing and record-breaking.

On the sixth week of the show, the first golden buzzer went to the little opera singer Victory and the excitement was seen in all the judge’s and audience’s faces.

AGT has always been a great platform for both entertainment and portraying our skills, and this time, it has successfully given the audience the taste of both.

Matter of fact, a golden buzzer is rare, but what’s even rarer is getting a golden buzzer from all the judges. Hence, Victory is the first contestant in the history of AGT to do so.

Victory Brinker Family And Parents

The little Opera singer Victory Brinker came to the auditions with her mother, who is definitely the most important part of her family.

She did not reveal anything about the other possible members. But, since she has been directly selected for the Live performances, Victory’s personal details will soon be revealed to us.

Also, she was with her mother, so only one of her parents is revealed until now.

Moreover, as per our observation, Victory’s mother seemed white or of some caucasian descent. However, Brinker looks like she is part-African-American.

So, her father might be African-American, or there is also a possibility of her being adopted. However, these are just assumptions and more details will be revealed soon.

AGT: Opera Singer Victory Brinker Age And Wikipedia

America’s Got Talent Opera singer Victory Brinker’s age is just 9 years old.

However, her exact date of birth or birthday has not been revealed yet. When Victory was asked by Simon about her age, she said that she was 9.

Regarding Wikipedia, she is certainly not mentioned on the platform since she is a rising sensation and not a professional singer yet.

Also, there is not much detailed information regarding other aspects of her life, apart from the facts which she mentioned in the audition clip.

Victory seemed like a humorous person since she talked about Simon’s dress and she said that singing makes her happy, happy, and happy.

Well, not just that, as per her mother, Brinker keeps singing every time, Weather it is morning, noon, or evening.

Getting a standing ovation from all the judges is pretty special, but she got a golden buzzer from all of them and a direct entry to the live performances.

Victory Brinker Instagram

The AGT Opera singer Victory Brinker is on Instagram under the username @victorybrinker.official which is probably handled by her mother since Victory is just 9.

She has around 6600 followers on this platform and over 100 posts.