Who Is Nayte Olukoya? Details To Know About The Cast Of The Bachelorette

Nayte Olukoya who is 27 years of age is one of the popular stars of the show named The Bachelorette. Here is everything you need to know about the reality TV star. 

On The Bachelorette season 18, Nayte Olukoya is vying for Michelle Young’s heart.

Nayte’s accomplishments will make him a challenging contender to defeat on The Bachelorette season 18, which has one of the most notable sets of guys competing for Michelle’s affection.

The reality TV star may well be the full deal, from his volunteerism to his business success to his lighthearted Instagram activity.

Nayte’s height will undoubtedly make him stand out on The Bachelorette season 18 if his charm isn’t enough.

Nayte Olukoya Age & Height

The age of Nayte Olukoya has been found to be 27.

He was born on July 8, 1994, and is a Cancer zodiac sign with a birthday of July 8. According to Nayte’s profile on ABC’s website, the Bachelorette contestant’s huge height is what immediately draws notice to him.

According to his bio, the actor is 6-foot-8-inch height tall. Tunde Nayte Olukoya is Nayte’s full name, and he was born in Austin, Texas.

Nayte Olukoya Wikipedia Bio

Nayte Olukoya has no Wikipedia page under his name.

However, the star has a LinkedIn page with detailed biography about his professional life.

He oversaw the sales cycle for a book of 250 medium-sized business hiring solutions, as well as developing strategic growth initiatives and plans for the office and its clients.

Not only that, but Nayte also kept clean and projected properly on a monthly and quarterly schedule, as well as working cross-functionally with Customer Success, Product, and Sales Ops.

Nayte Olukoya Job & Net Worth

Speaking of Nayte’s job, he is currently a successful sales executive, although he began his career as a volunteer.

His LinkedIn page shows that he wasn’t always a businessman, as he worked as a teacher’s assistant in the Omaha public school district and as a caregiver at Oberlin House Incorporated for a decade from 2001 to 2011.

He started his start in business by pursuing a degree in Business Administration before applying to gain Michelle Young’s heart.

Olukoya’s net worth is unknown at the moment. He must have amassed a sizable net worth as a sales professional with a bachelor’s degree.

Meet Nayte Olukoya On Instagram

Nayte Olukoya has an Instagram under the username @kingbabatunde.

Nayte’s extroverted demeanor is obvious on Instagram, where he has uploaded a plethora of photos showcasing his vibrant personality. The Bachelorette contestant has 16K Instagram followers thanks to his engaging posts.

His Instagram also shows off some of his interests, such as his dog and reading. He also suggests a number of books to his followers on a wide range of themes, including race, business, and mental health.