Who Is Natisha Moffett? Michigan Car Accident Obituary and Funeral

Who Is Natisha Moffett? She and her children passed away in a terrible car accident earlier this year. Stay with the article to find out more about Natisha. 

Moffett passed away on July 2, 2021, due to a crash on an Arizona highway. Her five kids also died in the accident. The family was headed to San Diego for the Fourth of July celebration.

Natisha was a 35-year-old mother who worked in the field of cosmetology. On the morning of the accident, she called her brother, Kwame, to wish him a happy birthday. Her uncle, Donnell Abernathy, revealed that they died fifty-three minutes after that.

Who Is Natisha Moffett?

Natisha was a cosmetologist who moved to Arizona for a fresh start. Her full name is Natisha Nicole Moffett.

Moffett’s kids were between the ages of 5 to 17. The family relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, from Grand Rapids, Michigan around 2 years ago. Her childhood friend, Iyona Flowers, advised her to do so as there is a bigger opportunity in Arizona in the field of cosmetology.

Josiya Sincere Moffett might be one of her family members.

Michigan Family Car Accident: What Happened?

Natisha Moffett and her children passed away when a semi rear-ended her car.

She pulled over on the side of the road when her best friend, Iyona Flowers, caught a flat tire. She attempted to get out and help when her car was struck by a truck driver. This pushed her body into both her and her friends’ SUV, and instantly caught fire that took the lives of her and her children, reports WOOD-TV.

A little after the semi crashed into Natisha’s car, the semi collided with Iyona Flowers’s SUV. Iyona and her four kids in the car suffered major injuries and were immediately hospitalized. The investigation officers in Arizona investigated the crash.

Natisha Moffett Obituary And Funeral

The West Michigan family is mourning the loss of Natisha Moffett and her five children.

Moffett’s mother, Ynes Morrow, wanted to bring them home so that they can put them to rest after their death. She headed to Arizona to gather more information on the accident and was determined to bring her family back to Grand Rapids. Ynes created a GoFundMe account to help pay for the expenses related to the funeral and to bring them back to Michigan.

Natisha’s obituary was posted after the news of her death.