Who Is Michelle Skewes? Jon Seccull Wife Accuses Husband Of Sexual Abuse – Was He Arrested?

After years of abusing his wife Michelle Skewes, Jon Seccull is finally sentenced to prison. Continue to know the story.

Michelle Skewes is a rape survivor. She is the ex-wife of former White Ribbon Ambassador Jon Seccull.

Skewes has spoken about the abuse she suffered from her husband. She had filed a rape case against her ex-husband.

Who Is Michelle Skewes?

Michelle Skewes is a woman from Vicotria. She survived years of torture and abuse at the hands of her husband.

Skewes was married to Jon Seccull, a White Ribbon Minister. He is 43 years old fundraiser and son of a retired policeman.

Seccull was also a prison officer. He was a part of charity fundraising in the Victorian city of Ballarat.

Miss Skewes met Seccull in 2000. They tied the knot after dating for more than three years.

Skewes marriage became hell after Seccull assaulted her between 2011- 2015. The couple got divorced in 2016.

According to Michelle, her husband was over manipulating and controlling. He even threatened her to shoot on plenty of times.

Michelle Skewes is an inspiration to all those women who are facing terrible cruelty from their husbands.

Jon Seccull Wife Accuses Husband Of Sexual Abuse – Was He Arrested?

Jon Seccull is arrested. He is sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison.

The former White Ribbon Ambassador attended the Victorian Court on Monday, October 18, 2021.

He is charged guilty of nine counts of rape, two assaults, and a threat to cause serious injury.

Seccull was already charged in 2017, but the case had remained behind closed doors.

The offender was only recognized last month after the permission of the victim.

Skewes gave permission to publish her name in the hope that it would inspire other women to fight back against violence.

As of now, Seccull is placed on the sex offenders register for life. He must serve more than 10 years in prison to be eligible for parole.

Michelle Skewes Age

According to age, Michelle Skewes is in her thirties. The estimation is done according to her physical appearance.

However, we are unaware of her actual birthday and astrological details.

Likewise, her abusive husband Jon Seccull age is 43 years old. Both of them hold an Australian nationality.

Michelle Skewes Family Details

Michelle Skewes was born to an Australian family.

She has children with Jon Seccull. One of their sons died in 2011 at the age of three years old.

Skewes claims that  Jon Seccull’s behavior went even more horrific after the demise of their child.