Who Is Meredith Masony’s Husband? Details On The Married Life Of The Founder Of That’s Inappropriate

Meredith Masony is married to her husband since 2003. Here is what you need to know about her.

She is the founder of That’s Inappropriate, an online parenting community.

That’s Inappropriate has over four million followers across social platforms. It is the platform where members can talk about the parenting experiences they love, hate, and everything in between.

She started the community back in October of 2014 after she felt alone.

Who Is Meredith Masony’s Husband?

Meredith is married to her husband, Dave.

The couple is married to each other since 2003.

Meredith claims her husband does not understand her sense of humor.

Dave left his school administrator job nearly three years ago to help run the social media empire.

He grocery shops and cooks and is the primary parent when Masony is traveling to help her wife.

He is her business partner now.

Spotlight On Meredith Masony’s Wikipedia

The official Wikipedia does not feature the biography of Meredith.

She is a former teacher and has spoken at women’s and social media conferences. She has spoken on Dad 2.0, Mom 2.0, and Start Loving You.

She is also the author of Scoop the Poop and Asks Me What’s for Dinner One More Time.

Meredith Masony’s Net Worth Revealed

The net worth of Meredith is still under preview.

She makes money from her online business community.

Apart from that, she is also an author.

She has collected millions of net worth, but the figure of her net worth is unknown.

Know About Masony’s Daughter

Meredith has three children with her husband.

Two of them are sons, and one is the daughter.

Her daughter is currently 12 years old. She studies in grade 6.

The name of the daughter is unknown.

Her daughter is the middle child.

How Old Is Meredith? Age Explored

Meredith is currently 40 years old.

She was born on September 5, 1980.

Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Learn About Her Parents

Meredith has not revealed her parents to the public.

There is no information available on them. She has managed to keep them out of the spotlight.