Who Is Margaret Campbell? Everything On The Mother Of Drag Queen Jamie Campbell

Margaret Campbell was born and raised in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham in 1965. She loves music and she is a tremendous cook.

Margaret Campbell is famous for being the mother of drag queen Jamie Campbell. She is a wonderful supporter who enjoys helping others and conversing with them. Margaret has an odd fondness for spiders. Her favorite foods are mince and dumplings, despite the fact that she is a fantastic cook who is always attempting to create culinary magic in the kitchen.

Margaret Campbell Wiki

Margaret Campbell’s name is Margaret Ann Campbell. She is well known as the mother of popular drag queen Jamie Campbell.

Margeret was born and raised in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham in 1965.  As of 2021, she is 52 years old. She did her schooling at St John’s Roman Catholic School.

Margaret loves helping people and chatting for an hour about anything to anyone. Owl is her favorite bird. She has a strange affection towards spiders. Her ideal man is Donny Osmond mixed with George Clooney and The Rock.

Her favorite food is mince and dumplings, though she is a tremendous cook. Margaret loves musicals and loves to go to clubs, theatre and enjoy.

Margaret is a very supportive mother. She supports Jamie in each and every condition. She suggested Jamie wear a dress to prom when he was 15. In an interview, Margaret has said ‘It has always been easy -completely natural to accept Jamie for who he is.

Margaret Campbell Age

Margaret was born in Bishop Auckland, in1965. As of 2021, she is 52 years old. From her social media page Facebook we can guess about her birthdate.

She has posted a status on Facebook on 24 October 2013 about her birthday. His son Jamie Campbell has also written about his mother’s birthday, Every year on her birthday, she is overwhelmed with greetings and blessings from her family and friends.

Margaret Campbell Husband

Margaret has not revealed anything about his husband. She has kept his personal life hidden from the public eye.

Her husband abandoned her when she was in her twenties and became pregnant. When it came to her marriage, she remained completely silent.

However, a BBC program about his husband’s life revealed that he had abandoned his family. His son Jamie produced the documentary, and a fan has tagged Jamie on Twitter and sent a few tweets about Margaret’s husband.