Who Is Luke Stanton on SAS Australia? Everything On The Contestant

Luke Stanton is a cast member of the SAS Australia: Hell Week 2021. Acquire more about the tough participant. 

SAS Australia has come up with its new season of the shortest episode. There is a reason the reality TV series is called Hell Week.

The season might be the shortest one; but, the cast members had to face intense challenges. The show has already revealed the fourteen ordinary people who participated.

Here, let’s become better acquainted with Luke Stanton, the cast member of the reality TV series, who has come to acquire his dream.

Check Out SAS: Luke Stanton Age, How Old Is The Cast?

As per the SAS Australia, Luke has been 31 years of age in 2021. He is a former athlete; who got drafted in the AFL but could not pursue his career further as a player.

As per his player profile by AFL, he was born on 8 January 1990. Given that his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

He has good physics and looks pretty well built, with 6ft and 3 inches tall.

Even after getting drafted as a rookie, he did not get retained for next season mainly because of the injury and drinking, partying habits.

After ending his career as an athlete, he is now working as a tradie. He has lost his dream of being a sports player and now has entered the show to challenge himself.

Explore Luke Stanton Family; Is He On Wikipedia?

After changing his career as a Tradie, not many details are available about his personal life. However, he did mention his father.

Luke shared a unique and emotional relationship with his father. His dad is a veteran of the Vietnam war who has suffered from PTSD.

Stanton is not on the Wikipedia page. Moreover, very few details about him are available to the public.

Even though he has a five-year-old son who is non-verbal autistic, his relationship status remains unknown. The confusion of Luke having a wife or girlfriend is still vague.

Regardless, he entered the series to understand the experience faced by his father better. Growing up with the absence of fatherly parenting has made him difficult to approach his child.

Luke Stanton Net Worth Uncovered

Luke could only live his dream as a sportsman for a year. After his dream got shattered, he started his profession as a Tradie.

For now, he has not mentioned anything related to his earnings. But, he looks like he earns a fair amount of money to live a decent life.

As a trade, the average yearly wage range from $65,000 to $95,000. However, the actual value may differ depending upon the person.

Just giving a guess of the amount, his estimated net worth might be around $100,000 to $500,000.