Who Is Lori Ann Talens? Extreme Couponer Sentenced To Prison For $31 Million Fraud Scheme

The FBI has released new information regarding a $31.8 million counterfeit coupon scheme that placed a Virginia Beach couple in jail for nearly 12 years. Let’s get to know everything about the Extreme Couponer in detail through this article.

Lori Ann Talens and her husband were sentenced to 12 years in jail. Since their fraud was exposed in September, the couple has been the talk of the town. New information about the plot has been disclosed by the investigators.

According to CNN, authorities discovered fraudulent coupons in “every crevice” of the couple’s home. The forged savings totaled $1 million. Lori Ann’s computer also has drawings for coupons for 13000 products.

Who Is Lori Ann Talens?

Lori Ann Talens is the mastermind of one of the most significant coupon counterfeiting schemes in history, which cost the company $31 million. Pacifico Talen Jr, her husband, was complicit in her crime.

As a result, the justice department has found both of them guilty. “She trained herself in the different strategies she required to modify barcodes to make these coupons function,” Special Agent Shannon Brill said in the FBI announcement.

The mastermind, Lori Ann Villanueva Talen, would create fake coupons with reductions “near or even over” the retail value of an item. Then, she sold the fraudulent coupons to users she identified on social media and texted them through the encrypted messaging app.

According to the report, she was paid over $400,000 in bitcoin and occasionally “exchanged coupons for stolen rolls of the special paper businesses use to print out coupons.” She is currently serving a 12-year sentence in jail.

Lori Ann Talens Husband

Lori Ann Talents’ husband is Pacifico Talens Jr. Lori made headlines when she sold 31.8 million dollars in bogus coupons to customers. Pacifico Talens Jr, a Virginia native, is 43 years old. He and his wife are well-known thieves who defrauded people out of $31.8 million.

Talen is an American citizen. He appears to be of mixed ethnicity based on his photos. He and his wife offered bogus coupons to Instagram users. Lori’s training in marketing gave her the intelligence to know just what to say before the vouchers could be deemed fraudulent.

Lori Ann Talens Net Worth Revealed

The net worth of Lori Ann and Pacifico Talens Jr has yet to be revealed. Over the last three years, though, their method has netted more than $400,000.

Simultaneously, authorities recovered $1 million in counterfeit vouchers from a local household.

All of the coupons were stowed in the pockets of their jackets and tucked into their cars. Talens also stole Medicaid for $43,000 in five years, in addition to Coupon fraud.

For the past many years, the pair has been running a $31.8 million plan.