Who is Kurt Angle’s Son and Does He Have A Daughter? 

In July 2017, WWE fans were shocked to discover that wrestling legend, Kurt Angle, had fathered a son back in college. Fans were further awestruck when the son turned out to be none other than multiple tag team champion, Jason Jordan. Since then, Angle and Jordan have maintained all semblance of family including exchanging lovely social media messages. So, is Jordan really Kurt Angle’s son? If not, who is his son and does he have a daughter? All these and more details about the Olympic champion are divulged below.

Kurt Angle’s Background

Kurt Steven Angle was born on the 9th of December 1968 in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania. His father’s name is David Angle while his mother’s name is Jackie. The famed wrestler also has a total of five siblings namely Eric, Mark, David, Johnny and Le’Anne (now late). Angle grew up in Mount Lebanon and started wrestling when he was just seven. He continued wrestling all throughout high school and college, and won the state championships as well as the NCAA Division I championship. He also won numerous other laurels, both at the national and international level. The zenith of Angle’s amateur career came at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics where he won gold in the freestyle wrestling category.

What Happened To Him on RAW?

Kurt Angle initially looked upon professional wrestling with disdain. He equally looked down on the WWE universe (formerly WWF) and declared that he would never be able to throw the game. The Pennsylvania native, however, reconsidered his stance after witnessing the sheer brilliance exhibited by the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Angle subsequently signed on to the WWF in August 1998 and racked up several championships, including the European and WWF championship, in his rookie year. Angle would go on to spend the next two decades as a professional wrestler, fighting on the WWE, TNA and NJPW brands. He won more than 20 championships and has been described as the most gifted wrestler to ever step into the ring. Angle has been inducted into several halls of fame and took a final bow from RAW in mid-2019. The Olympic gold medallist is now a backstage producer for the WWE.

About Kurt Angle’s Son

The Jason Jordan Kurt Controversy

Before we unravel this mystery, it is only proper to get some background info on the man himself. Jason Jordan (real name Nathan Everhart) is a WWE star who is renowned for his tag team exploits. Born on the 28th of September 1988, in Tinley Park, Illinois, Jordan started wrestling when he was just a child. He continued his exploits all throughout high school and college and made it to the NCAA Division I national qualifiers. Jason Jordan tried out for the WWE universe in 2010 and was subsequently signed on. Since then, he has paired up with other wrestlers to win various tag team championships including the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

So, how did the whole mystery start? During an episode of RAW on the 17th of July 2017, Kurt Angle disclosed that he had been getting a series of mysterious text messages and upon investigation, discovered that he had fathered a son back in college. He then introduced Jordan as the aforementioned son. Since then, both men have kept up all appearances of family.

Jordan celebrated Angle on father’s day while Angle has used social media to update fans on his son’s injury situation. Well, the reality is that there is no blood relationship between Angle and Jordan. The whole gimmick is just a storyline which is quite common in the WWE. This particular storyline was lapped up by some fans while some panned the writers for coming up with such an idea.

Who Is Kurt Angle’s Real Son and Does He Have a Daughter?

The famed wrestler has been married on two occasions and these two unions have produced a total of five kids. Angle first got married to WWE personality, Karen Smedley, in December 1998. The union produced a daughter named Kyra (b. December 2002) and a son named Kody (b. October 2006). Kody is a big fan of wrestling and it won’t be a surprise if he follows his father’s footsteps someday. Kyra, on the other hand, is a budding singer and showcases her talents on YouTube.

Angle and Karen divorced in 2008, and the wrestler got married to actress, Giovanna Yannotti, in July 2012. This second marriage has produced three children namely Giuliana Marie (b. January 2011), Sophia lane (b. December 2012) and Nikoletta Sky (b. November 2016). Angle and Giovanna have also expanded their family through the adoption route. The actress took to her Instagram in September 2019 to announce that they had adopted a teenage boy from Bulgaria.