Who Is John Feitelberg Girlfriend? Everything About The Barstool Podcaster

John Feitelberg and his mysterious girlfriend are a big deal on Twitter since 2018 because he is rumored of dating Barstool broadcaster Kayce Smith. 

John Feitelberg is an American sports broadcaster for Barstool Sports, which focuses on creating sports and pop-culture-related content.

Well, not just a broadcaster for Barstool, but he is also a podcast specialist for KFC Radio which is indeed an original of Barstool Sports Podcast.

The sports industry is a never-ending industry unless there are temporary outbreaks like the one that happened due to Covid.

John is always a trending sensation. However, he is also looked over for his personal life and details regarding it, along with his profession and career.

Hence, concerns regarding his girlfriends, age, Instagram, and other details are rapidly increasing.

Who Is John Feitelberg Girlfriend?

John Feitelberg’s girlfriend has become a trending sensation even if his fans have no idea who she is.

John is active on Twitter, where he shared different experiences with his girlfriend. He started his post like “My girlfriend…” and states what had happened with them recently.

Hence, it is pretty sure that he has a girlfriend. However, his fans and the Barstool audience have kept on spreading rumors regarding him dating his colleague Kayce Smith.

So, it is not known if the girlfriend he talks about is Kayce or not.

John Feitelberg Age And Wikipedia

John Feitelberg’s age is expected to be not more than 33 years old.

However, his exact date of birth or age has not been revealed yet. Based on a November 2019 article by TBDailynews, which stated that he was 31 years old then, his current age cannot be more than 33 years.

Regarding his Wikipedia, he is not mentioned on the platform despite being a famous personality with thousands of followers and fans worldwide.

Still, other numerous sources provide information regarding him on the web.

What Is John Feitelberg Net Worth?

John Feitelberg should have a net worth of over $1 million.

Considering his experience and amazing work in Barstool sports and their podcasts, he does have a net worth of over a million dollars.

Follow John Feitelberg On Instagram

John Feitelberg is on Instagram under the username @feitelberg.

He is verified on this platform, but he has a private account.