Who Is Gregory McMichael Daughter? Wife Allison McMichael and Family

Lindsay McMichael, the daughter of suspect Gregory McMichael, posted an unedited picture of the victim on Snapchat. Learn more about the incident.

Everyone is concerned about the trend of social media hype and gaining the most viewers. Most of the time people, tend to shoot crimes rather than stop them.

We can see many incidents and accidents posted by people on their social media without thinking about what consequences they could bring, just like Lindsay did.

Who Is Gregory McMichael Daughter?

Lindsay McMichael is the younger sister of Travis and was born to her parents Gregory McMichael and Allison McMichael. She is 30 years old lady.

She admitted to posting an image of Arbery’s body on a blood pool lying on the street in Brunswick on her Snapchat without editing it. Her father and brother were charged with murder.

Gregory, however, presented the video which shows the Arbery shooting, but the attorney Alan Tuker said that Gregory and his son by themselves prepared the video.

They let Gregory’s friend shoot the video. Their idea backfired them and was declared the victim. When no allegation against Arbery was there in the police station;

the case was considered a matter of racial issues. Arbery was just 25 years old at the time of the incident lost his life without any fault.

Meet Wife Allison McMichael and Family

Allison McMichael is the wife of Gregory and the mother of 37 years old Travis. Allison mentioned that Travis and her grandson are very close.

She said if Travis got the bond, he would see his son, with whom he does everything from fishing to hunting.

In addition, she said, she had no idea that he would go hunt for a criminal and carry out such activity. She also knew her daughter snapped the crime scene.

When she posted it on her social media, Travis asked her to remove it behind the bar. Travis has been staying with Allison and Gregory for the past two years.

Travis’s schoolmate, Shawn Lee Sawyer, also told police that he never heard Travis plan to solve any criminal mysteries.

More on Ahmaud Arbery Murder

Ahmaud Arbery was murdered on 23 February 2020 while gone jogging. Gregory McMichael suspected Arbery as a convict of a series of local break-ins.

However, police confirmed that there was no file case on such break-ins. McMichael, along with his son Travis McMichael armed themselves and handled the issue themselves.

Travis shot Arbery twice in his chest with blank range and justified the shooting as Arbery didn’t stop when they tried to. And even tend to attack Travis.

Arbery fell on the floor with the wound of a gun in his chest. The Autopsy report proved his death cause was the wound in his chest. He wasn’t under the influence of anything, including alcohol or drugs.