Who Is Franco Caminiti? Everything To Know About The Italian Writer And Journalist

Franco Caminiti is an accomplished Italian journalist, screenwriter, director, and composer. In the article below, you may learn more about the personal and professional details of the writer. 

Franco Caminiti is a well-known Italian politician best known for being the president of the Liberetico party and the author of the book La Humana Istoria.

Similarly, Franco is a mass communication expert who has worked as a consultant for a number of high-profile politicians. In addition, his words have influenced tens of thousands of individuals.

Moreover, He was also the editor-in-chief of the journals such as Terra e Cultura, Solidarity, and Business gate.

Journalist Franco Caminiti Wikipedia

Journalist Franco Caminiti is yet to have a dedicated Wikipedia page. However, his detailed information is available on his website francocaminitiorg.

He is currently the president of a political party named Liberetic political aggregation, also known as the Liberetico party. Even now, the seasoned academic works as a Giornalista, or journalist.

Franco Caminiti is also the director of a number of well-known Italian publications, including Pleasure of Luxury and Olona and Surroundings.

Prior to that, Franco was also the President’s press officer and the Head of Protocol at Business Gate.

Journalist Franco Caminiti Age: How Old Is He?

The age of Journalist Franco Caminiti seems to be around 60-70 years.

Franco is originally from Benestare, a commune in the Province of Reggio Calabria in the Italian region Calabria but currently resides in Milan, Italy.

Speaking of Journalist Caminiti’s education, he completed his schooling at Liceo Mazzini Locri and attended High School Zaleuco, a public high school in Locride, Italy.

Whereas, He completed his higher education at the Università Degli Studi di Messina, an Italian public university in Messina.

Who Is Franco Caminiti Wife?

To date, Franco Caminiti has not shared anything about his wife.

Franco is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, although he rarely posts about his wife and children.

Thus, it is really difficult to learn anything about his personal life, but almost all of his corporate life is crystal clear.

Franco Caminiti Family And Net Worth Details

The net worth of Franco Caminiti and his family is said to be somewhere between $1 to $5 million.

Franco is a talented writer who has also held high-paying positions. He is also a well-known activist and politician with a strong status in both sectors.

Therefore, it is evident that Franco has been making enough money to maintain himself and his family.