Who Is Foluke Akinradewo’s Husband? Details On The Family Of The Athlete

Foluke Akinradewo shared vows with her husband Jonathan Gunderson, who is a financial analyst. They got married in 2018. 

Foluke Atinuke Gunderson is an indoor volleyball player.

She was born in Canada but represented the United States at the international level. Foluke holds citizenship in three countries: Canada, Nigeria, and the United States.

Akinradewo has played professionally in Russia, Azerbaijan, Japan, and Switzerland.

She joined the women’s national team before starting her college career.

Who Is Foluke Akinradewo’s Husband?

Foluke Akinradewo is married to a financial analyst; his name is Jonathan Gunderson. 

They were engaged in July 2017. Jonathan and Foluke tied the knots in November 2018 in front of their close ones.

On Foluke’s Instagram, she wrote, “we’re so blessed to have found one another and so grateful for all of the love we have received!” and with the hashtag “#mrandmrsgunderson.” She has got more than 45k followers on Instagram.

Akinradewo’s current and former teammates had attended the wedding. The ones attending the wedding were Alisha Glass, Lauren Paolini, Kristin Richards Hildebrand, Karsta Lowe, and Christa Harmotto Dietzen.

Foluke and Jonathan gave birth to a baby son. We will talk about their baby in the subsequent topic.

On Foluke Akinradewo’s Parents: Family

Ayoola Akinradewo and Comfort Akinradewo are the proud parents of Foluke.

They gave birth to Foluke in London, Ontario.

Moreover, She has got two siblings named Folu and Foluso Akinradewo.

Net Worth Of Foluke Akinradewo

People wanted to know Foluke Akinradewo’s net worth, but we could not get this information as no one has covered her earnings.

Foluke plays as a middle blocker for the Japanese club Hisamitsu Springs. Playing volleyball is Akinradewo’s chief source of income.

Foluke Akinradewo: Baby Name

Foluke Akinradewo’s baby’s name is Kayode. 

He is still a toddler.

Foluke became a mother in 2019.