Who Is Donovan Hoffer On AGT? Is Donovan A Transgender Individual? Here’s All We Know

America’s Got Talent has given the worldwide audience a new unique singer Donovan Hoffer age around 30 years, with an incredibly surprising voice. 

America’ Got Talent is currently in the 6 the episode in the current season, and there are numerous contestants who have showcased their talent in different ways.

Among these, singing is one of the very common platforms where a contestant portrays their skills.

However, some people are different and unique with singing too.

Similarly, a new contest named Donovan Hoffer was seen recently on the stage singing a broadway musical special, “Think of Me.” Indeed, Donovan has become a part of Broadway in 2018.

His amazing performance surprised the judges, and all of them praised him very well. The fact is, the song he chose is considered to be very difficult in the dining notes.

Hence, he did not mistake and completed the song in the best way possible.

AGT: How Old Is Donovan Hoffer? Age Revealed

The talented AGT contestant Donovan Hoffer’s age is expected to be somewhere around 30 years old.

However, his exact age or date of birth has not been revealed yet. Based solely on his appearance, his current age range has been estimated.

What Is Donovan Hoffer’s Instagram?

It does not seem like the AGT star Donovan Hoffer is on Instagram.

However, there are a few pages on Instagram that have posted regarding the broadway musical performed by Donovan.

Is Donovan A Transgender Or A Man?

Donovan Hoffer is a man. Also, he does not look like he is transgender, and as a fact, he never mentioned anything regarding his sexuality.

The paparazzi are thinking that he might have mentioned if he was transgender. Also, it seems obvious that people are questioning his sexuality.

Donovan sang a song on a perfect high pitch and perfectly noted voice which made him sound like a female.

Hence, the AGT audience might have thought that he could be transgender.