Who is Dan Bilzerian? His Net Worth, Girlfriend and How He Became Famous

Dan Bilzerian is an Armenian American-born social media influencer and internet personality whose exploits in high stake poker gambling has seen him amass a great amount of wealth and fame. He has also made a few appearances as a stuntman in the movie industry acting in films like Cat Run 2 and playing a minor uncredited role in the box office hit comedy film The Other Woman in April 2014.

His lavish and outlandish lifestyle has earned him the titles King of Instagram and the Playboy of Instagram. His social media page is filled with his many different women clad in bikinis, guns, and cats. His parties are said to be crazy, wild and cannabis filled where all sorts of things go down. He also is the Chairman and face of his Cannabis producing company. Read on to learn how this rare dude making waves on social media became so famous.

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Blitz as he is fondly called is an American Social media Influencer and Internet personality whose lavish and outlandish lifestyle has earned him titles such as the Instagram King and Instagram Playboy among others. He was born on the 7th December 1980 as Dan Brandon Bilzerian in Tampa, Florida in the United States of America. His father is an Armenian named Paul Bilzerian, renowned as a large shareholder in large corporate offices in Wall Street while his mother is Terri Steffen. He also has a sibling known as Adam Bilzerian who equally shares his passion for high stake gambling and poker playing.

He had a brief stint in the Navy SEAL but could not graduate as he was dropped from the training program for breaking the safety rules on the shooting range. He moved on and proceeded to obtain a double degree in Business and Criminology from the University of Florida. During his varsity days, he learned how to play poker online and after his graduation, he simply took up poker playing professionally as a career path.

Dan Bilzerian first started out his new career by losing a large chunk of money but after he sold his gun to enter a rematch, he won back most of his lost fortune. From there on, he proceeded to Vegas where the game was massive and real. While in Vegas, his first professional poker game was in 2009, when he entered for the World Series of Poker Game championship event where he won between $10,000 to over $ 1 million in just one night. He became the No. 180 in the world after that event.

How Much Is His Net Worth?

Dan Bilzerian is one of the lucky few that their parents left a hefty sum of money in their trust fund. The fund probably helped start him in the wealth acquisition quest. Today his net worth has been pegged at the estimated sum of $150 million made mostly from high stake poker playing and gambling, an acting career, as well as performing high stunts as a stuntman in the showbiz industry.

Who Is His Girlfriend? 

The Tampa native and Instagram playboy has so many hot cuties surrounding him that it may be an uphill task to ascertain in particular who his exclusive babe is. Three beautiful chicks have been fingered as the possible girlfriends of the playboy and they are the elite model Sofia Bevarly who is sixteen years younger than he is, Katie Bell and a lady identified as Hannah.

Dan Bilzerian brags about having bedded thousands of beautiful ladies and counting. He often refers to the three ladies mentioned above as #sisterwives in his posts. He is sure living his dreams as the ladies do not mind sharing his body and affections and money.

How He Became Famous?

His exploits in the game of poker saw him voted as the Funniest Poker player by the Bluff Magazine in 2010 on Twitter. His luck on the poker table was allegedly increased to the tune of over $10 million in a night in 2013. Dan Bilzerian later claimed in 2014 that he had made about $50 million in just one year from playing poker professionally but lost just $3.6 million in a session.

Indeed without a shadow of a doubt, the tables had favored him and increased his income flow. He became famous at the tables and his popularity soon amounted to a large number of following on the social media with his Twitter account swelling with about 1.51 million followers, his Facebook page has over 12 million followers while his Instagram has the highest number of followings with 26.2 million.