Who Is Connie Pena Who Is Covering Jennifer Lopez? Meet The Cast From The Show Clash Of The Cover Bands

Connie Pena is one of the cast of the musical reality show Clash of the Cover Bands, where she is covering for Jenifer Lopez. Learn more about her in the article below.

Connie Pena is a model, singer, Latin artist, and dancer, and many people knew her as the doppelganger of Jenifer Lopez.

The Latin artist also has received several accolades and awards, and during the 2018 Latin Billboard Awards, many mistook her for Lopez.

Currently, Pena is one of the twenty contestants competing on the First Season of Clash of the Cover Bands.

Further, Connie is also a famous social media celebrity with millions of fans and followers.

Connie Pena Age And Wikipedia

Connie Pena is presently 42 years old as born on May 24, 1979, while her profile is missing on the Wikipedia page.

Further, the model was born in Santa Ana, California, and grew up there. She began her career in show business at a young age.

Her father entrusted her and gave her the duty of owning and managing the well-known Latin nightclub El Premier in Las Vegas when she was just 21 years old.

Pena learned a lot about the business, and she also got to work as a promoter for several well-known musicians from various genres.

In 2014, the club closed its doors. Then, Connie began performing “Jaripeos,” or Mexican-style rodeos, in Las Vegas in 2003.

Pea was also a guest model for Univision’s “Repblica Deportiva” TV show in Las Vegas in the early 2000s.

Connie was appointed the Latin Grammys’ Lead Coordinator of Hair and Makeup in 2009. Furthermore, She also had her reality show, “702 En Vivo,” which she hosted, produced, and directed.

Meet Connie Pena Children On Instagram

Connie Pena is the single mother of two children named Daniel and Gia Bell Pena.

Pena frequently mentions her children on her Instagram and makes reels with them on Tiktok.

While coming to her daughter, Gia is currently a blogger, whereas no details are available regarding Daniel.

Gia is also an active user of Instagram, where she currently has 16.4K followers under the handle @giabellapena.

Also, you can follow Connie on Instagram, where she actively posts with her children goes by the username @conniepena.

Connie Pena Net Worth Explored

The contestant of Clash Of The Cover Bands, Connie Pena, has not disclosed her actual net worth publicly yet.

However, we can say that she has amassed millions of dollars from her expertise and profession for more than twenty years.

Connie has been serving as a model, singer, and television personality, and she is also the founder of 11:11 Beauty Shop.

Before, Pena was the owner of a nightclub in Las Vegas from where she had earned a large amount of money.