Who Is Chazdono? Meet The Masse Robot On TikTok Who Can Play Drums And Make Drum Sheets

Chazdono is the name of the TikTok user whose robot called Masse is popular these days for her Drumplay and drum sheet creations. Find about the person behind the account and his age and real name in this article.

Chazdono is a web star who posts videos on TikTok of a robot playing drums. However, the real person behind the TikTok video hasn’t revealed his real name and information.

There are around more than 5 million likes on his TikTok account with only two videos uploaded till now. The second video is the one where the robot is making drum sheets, which are trending on various social media handles currently.

Due to the new concept of the user, people are liking and viewing the videos as the videos are trending in a short period of time.

Who Is Chazdono On TikTok? Age And Real Name Explored

Chazdono is mainly a TikTok user whose video of his robot acting jealous by machine language is getting viral these days.

As of now, the person behind the TikTok handle is not known, so we are unable to gather his data. So, predicting the age and real name of the user has been difficult.

Mainly, he is known for his videos and his account on TikTok is swiftly gaining more followers and getting praise from the viewers.

Additionally, the real face and data of the user are yet to be revealed, but through his TikTok videos, we can predict he is a professional at the work and has been working in the field for a long period of time.

The robot on the video seems to be a female who is very well trained or say has been well-programmed and she is questioning her owner and at the last of the video is seen angry pushing a table.

Chazdono Wiki And Biography Details

Chazdono is yet to have his own Wikipedia bio page and his biography details are also currently unavailable.

The user rose to fame after he made TikTok videos of his robot playing drum and people are also watching the videos with an interest.

However, some of the online articles have covered his biography as well as has written about the Masse robot.

Chazdono seems to be the name of the person making the TikTok videos and Maase is playing drum as she is well-programmed with so many emotions. The robot is seen playing drums, listening, questioning, showing her anger, throwing, and many more.

Meet Chazdono Robot Maase On TikTok

Chazdono Root Maase is dynamic on TikTok under the username @chazdono.

The TikTok handle has more than 327k adherents to date, October 2021, and has more than 5M likes on overall videos. By the way, the handle has only 2 videos uploaded.

In the first video, the Maase robot is playing the drum whereas in the second one she is making drum sheets.

Is Chazdono and Maase On Instagram?

Chazdono and Maase both don’t seem to have an Instagram handle as we are unable to find such a person on the handle.

However, the TikTok bio of the Chazdono has revealed he has a SoundCloud account with the name Chaz Dono & Friends. He has uploaded a music song on the platform about 2 months ago.

The artist is from Swansea, the United Kingdom as per his Sound Cloud account. Also, people has shared the TikTok content of the Maase robot playing drum and making drum sheets on social media handles.