Who Is Bill Lorance Tuckett? California Murder – Is He In Prison?

Who Is Bill Lorance Tuckett? The father of fitness instructor, Justine Lorance Tuckett is finally out of prison after over two decades. Here is what we know about the California Murder so far.

Bill Lorance Tuckett is the father of popular dance and fitness instructor Justine Lorance Tuckett. He is a convicted felon who went to jail over 22 years ago for murder. His story went viral on social media because Justine posted several updates about his release and parole on Instagram.

She went to pick up Bill from the prison. Justine revealed that he put in the work every day and is unrecognizable from the person he used to be before prison. She also captioned in one of her posts that some resilient people can be reformed, and they do deserve to re-enter society again.

Who Is Bill Lorance Tuckett?

Bill went to prison for a murder in 1999, and his daughter, Justine is sharing his story and life after prison details on her Instagram.

Justine was only five years old when Bill was sentenced to prison. She runs a fitness center, Dirtylicious, where she reached dance fitness.

Talking bout his family, Bill’s grandchildren are Taylor Emry and Elsie. He is also known by the name William Lorance.

Bill Lorance Tuckett California Murder Details Revealed

Tuckett murdered his stepfather in 1999 in California. The victim’s body was found dead after being beaten till death. He killed his stepfather with a pickaxe. The murder case was also called the Pickaxe Murder.

Bill pleaded guilty to the murder and revealed that he planned on murdering his stepfather and mother four days prior to the incident. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison under the charges of first-degree murder.

Is He Still In Prison?

Bill Lorance Tuckett is no longer in prison, as he got out around a month ago. He got out of jail after 22 years after 14 board members approved his parole. After being interviewed by the board, the family was ecstatic, and then his approval was reviewed by the Governor of California.

Ever since Lorance got out of prison, he has been living with his daughter, and she often posts his pictures on Instagram.

He made a list of things he wanted to do after getting out of the prison, including eating breakfast at Black Bear Diner, stop at a skate park and skate with Jonathan, film TikTok dances with his daughter, run around with the grandkids, and eat runny yolk eggs and bacon.