Who Is Bassim Yaghi SAS? Everything To know About The Contestant

Bassim Yaghi is one of the contestants of SAS Australia Hell Week. Let us get to know more about the contestant.

Special Air Service i.e., SAS, is an elite British military force organized and trained for special operations, surveillance, and counterterrorism.

SAS Australia Hell Week kicked off 18 October, and the intensity of the first challenge caused the rookie Bassim to wet his pants.

SAS Australia: Who Is Bassim Yaghi?

Bassim Yaghi is the coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness. He has been in the fitness industry for about 10 years, both as a personal trainer and an educator.

As the Fitness Coach, he strives to inspire future personal trainers to embark on their careers in fitness.

His experience is quite impressive to start. He has been working since 2011 and still inspiring many to join the fitness world.

He started as the Certified Personal Trainer in May 2011 in Fitness First Australia, where he worked for 5 years and departed in November 2016.

He then joined Crunch Fitness as a Senior Personal Trainer from November 2016 to April 2018.

And lastly, he has been working as a coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness from April 2018.

Bassim has accomplished quite well in the industry and is striving to do more.

Now he has extended his career to start in the reality show SAS Australia Hell Week.

But unfortunately, the star and bodybuilder had the misfortune on the show as he embarrassed himself at the start of Monday’s episode when he got himself wet for a challenge.

The director Jason Fox found it hilarious when a grown man pissed his pants before the first task, which saw the recruits falling backward off a 10 meter-high crane.

SAS Australia: Bassim Yaghi Age, Height and Weight Details

Bassim Yaghi is 32 years old, so he must have been born in 1989 as there are no exact details of his birth date yet.

Talking about his height, he looks tall, so he must be above 5 feet 9 inches.

The man is a fitness star, so considering his physique, he looks very healthy and must weigh a good healthy amount.

So far, his details are a little hazy and insufficient so stick around for more details about the man who made headlines and the talk of the show.

Bassim Yaghi on Wikipedia and Instagram

Bassim Yaghi has yet to be featured on Wiki, but the new talk of the town will soon make it on the official page.

We can bet he will be starring the official page as the man who wet his pants on the first task of the show SAS Australia Hell Week.

Furthermore, he is available on the Instagram handle as @bassimyaghi. He can be seen posting so many photos of the show and also can be seen flaunting his physique.