Who Is Austin Williams Lanz? Pentagon Shooting Suspect – Killed Officer George Gonzalez

Who Is Austin Williams Lanz? Austin was the one who was arrested in Georgia for several criminal charges. Continue reading for more info on his age and family.

Austin is the former United States Marine. However, he got kicked out of the Marine because he killed a Pentagon police officer, as per CNBC. Likewise, he had been arrested for several other criminal charges.

Williams was shot and killed by the responding officer after he stabbed Gonzalez in the neck.

Who Is Austin Williams Lanz? Wikipedia Explore

Austin Williams Lanz was a former U.S. Marine.

His bio has not been featured on Wikipedia.

He had been kicked out because he was arrested for several charges, including the case of a Pentagon police officer. The Federal Bureau of Investigation later revealed Austin’s identity on Wednesday.

The police said they are digging Lanz’s background, including any potential history of mental illness or any reason he might want to kill an officer, as per WSET.

We do lack intel on his personal info, as it is missing from the web browsers.

Pentagon Shooting Suspect Austin Williams Lanz- Killed Officer George Gonzalez

Austin Williams Lanz was the suspect in the George Gonzalez case.

According to two law enforcement officials, Lanz ran at George and stabbed him in the neck. Likewise, after he stabbed the responding officers then shot Lanz and killed him on the spot.

On Tuesday morning, Lanz exited a bus at the Pentagon Transit Center and immediately attacked officer George without provocation.

Officer George was just 37 years old when he decreased from the world.

On the 22nd of July 2018, George joined the Pentagon Force Protection Agency as a police officer. Likewise, George was promoted twice and attained the rank of Senior Officer in the year 2020.

And, the officer was well-liked and respected by his fellow officers.

Austin Williams Lanz Wife And Family

Austin Lanz had not released any info regarding his wife before his decrease.

We also so lack intel on whether he was married or not at the moment, as neither the police nor Austin has disclosed the specific data.

Williams’s personal info, such as his family details, is yet to be surfaced publicly on social media. Likewise, the police also have not given any statement regarding his personal data.

Austin Williams Lanz Age: How Old Is He?

Austin Williams Lanz’s actual age was 27 years old when he died.

He was born in 1993 or 1994, as he has yet to broadcast his exact date of birth and zodiac sign publicly.