Who Is Anna Paul On Twitter? Wikipedia Bio -Everything On Her Age And Net Worth

Anna Paul is a popular social media influencer who doesn’t seem to be on Twitter. She is yet to have her Wikipedia, so here are some details about her bio. 

Anna Paul is a famous Australian-Turkish Instagram model, Lip Sync Artist, YouTuber, and influencer in social media.

She is famed for her Tik Tok appearance with over 635K followers.

Anna is now an increasing star in Australia and leads her entire career in the field of content production.

She is also the no.1 person to earn from OnlyFans Australia, and also one of the most followed OnlyFan accounts in Australia.

Who Is Anna Paul On Twitter? Wikipedia Bio

As of now, Anna Paul is not available on Twitter.

Though her appearance is on almost every social media, Twitter doesn’t seem to be a fit for her.

The interest of Anna Paul in modeling and beauty fashion made her model and queen of beauty.

Her love for modeling drove her to create attractive short movies of Tik Tok, which is a very short period brought her many admirers.

She decided to build a channel for YouTube after that. On 2 February 2018, she launched and named her channel after her.

Her hard effort paid off when she was more known on YouTube and also caused a great deal of traffic on her YouTube channel.

Anna Paul Age: How Old Is The Social Media Star?

Anna Paul was born on 10 May 1999, which makes her 21 years old, as of now in 2021.

Anna’s social life has now become a hot topic for many influencers and social media personalities.

The interest of Anna Paul in modeling and beauty fashion made her model and queen of beauty.

At such a small age of 21 years old, Anna has become much more famous than half of the world.

What Is Anna Paul Net Worth?

Anna Paul’s estimated net worth is expected to be around USD 500,000.

Anna’s career has provided her lots of good things in her life which she did not have when she was a child.

According to several reports, her OnlyFan account has the #1 sport in Australia. And same goes for her earnings through her subscriptions.

Now Paul supports herself through the website of the subscription but confesses frankly that she and her family previously fought to reach their goals.

They had previously possessed an outdated car with ‘milk crates’ used for seating and lived for a family of four for only $30 a week.

Anna stated she had a job at Woolworths when she was about 15 years old simply for her mother to put money on a pair of shoes.

Anna has come a long way from being totally broke to nearly earning a million dollars.

Is Anna Paul On Instagram? Her Reddit Explored

Yes, Anna Paul is on Instagram and has over more than 725k followers on her Instagram.

Though she has kept her account private and not open for everybody.

She also has a youtube channel and a twitch ID. But she does seem to be available on Reddit.

People over Reddit always talk about her and also about her OnlyFans accounts.

She is a famous social media person in Australia, and her reign is spreading all over the world now.