Who Are Marilou Forgues Parents? Everything On Her Age And Family

Marilou Forgues is an actress who has kept her personal life, including her parents, confidential. Learn more about her.

Marilou Forgues is a famous young actress. Marilou is widely known for her role as Jeanne O’Reilly-Sauvé in “The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier.”

Kate McDougal Investigation, L’affaire Dumont and Legacy, and Mes petits malheurs are other movies she has been a part of.

Marilou debuted as an actress in 2011 and starred in the movie The Witch and Salut bonjour: the chronicle of Josée Lavigueur.

Who are Marilou Forgues Parents?

It is not known who Marilou’s parents are. Details regarding the actress’s parents are not revealed to the public.

Marilou seems to be a private person. She has not shared much of any personal information about her or her parents in the media.

However, we do know that the actress is Canadian. So it is safe to assume that her parents are from Canada.

How Old Is Marilou Forgues?

Marilou is a teen actor. Currently, she is only 16 years old. She was born on December 13, 2004, in Canada.

She was a child actor and had been acting since she was around seven years old. The teen actress has had artistic training ever since she was little.

She has three years of experience in classical ballet and jazz & hip-hop dancing styles. She has also received various kinds of acting and enunciation training for more than five years.

Does Marilou Forgues Have Wikipedia?

Marilou does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. However, she does have a fandom wiki on Wikitubia. The website displays detailed information on influential people like Marilou, who do not have Wikipedia.

Visit Fandom Marilou Forgues to see more about her training and career as a child and teen actress.

Does Marilou Forgues Have Family?

Details regarding Marilou’s other family members or siblings are not available at the moment.

She is only 16. So, it is absurd to assume that she is married and already has a family at such a young age.

We do not know if Marilou is dating anyone. Given her dedication to acting and her career, dating might be the least of her concerns right now.

Meet Marilou Forgues On Instagram.

Marilou’s Instagram handle is @marilou.forgues. Her Instagram account has around 3k followers.

In her bio, she has mentioned a video creator company, @heyallo_fr. This implies that she is connected to the company in some way.

She has 51 posts on her account, and most of them are beautiful pictures of herself.