Who Are Arnaud Soly Parents? Age, Family & Biography Details To Know

Arnaud Soly’s parents are proud of their son’s achievements. Here’s everything about them covered in the paragraphs below.

Arnaud Soly is a well-known comedian and actor. He is known all over the world for his television appearances and radio presence. We can find him on stage most of the time, showcasing his humor skills.

Who Are Arnaud Soly Parents?

Arnaud Soly doesn’t speak much about his parents.

However, we have come to know that he is the son of Genevieve Soly.

His mother, Genevieve, is a musician and musical performer. She is a respected baroque musicologist who is popular for the rediscovery of Christoph Graupner‘s music. As of now, there is nothing to know about his father.

Arnaud Soly Age: How Old Is He?

Arnaud Soly’s exact age is yet to be found out.

Right now, we only know that he is in his 30s.

Is He On Wikipedia? His Biography Details To Know

Unfortunately, Arnaud Soly is not on Wikipedia. However, we can find his bio on IMDb.

As an actor, Arnaud has appeared in over six different shows. He had kicked off his acting career in 2019 after playing Punk‘s role in a short movie named Metropolitain.

As a comedian, he has made his appearances in almost 23 different television shows. Recently, he appeared as a guest in the television series called Couple Ouvert.

We can confirm that Arnaud’s net worth in 2021 has amassed nearly $13 million. He earns from his stand-up comedy performances, acting, and other shows.

Everything On His Family

Talking in-depth about Arnaud Soly’s family life, he has a brother named Matthias Soly.

Matthias is a professional percussionist.

Moreover, Arnaud is a married man whose wife’s name is Laurence Soly. Recently, they gave birth to their first child, who is now named Romane.

Although we can confirm that he is of Canadian nationality, we do not know about his ethnicity. As per his Instagram profile, he can speak French very well. Maybe because he has some French roots.