Where Is Cosmo Dinardo Now? His Story Update, Parents And Family

Sandra Affatato DiNardo and Antonio Tony DiNardo are the parents of killer Cosmo DiNardo. Let’s find out where Cosmo Dinardo is and update his story.

A killer, Cosmo DiNardo, was a man charged with allegations such as conspiracy to commit murder, possessions of instruments of crime, homicide. He was suspected of having been related to the disappearance of four men in Pennsylvania in 2017.

The four disappeared boys were Tom Meo(21), Mark Sturgis (22), Jimi Patrick (19), Dean Finocchiaro (19). They all lost their lives at an early age.

Cosmo Dinardo Parents

Cosmo Dinardo’s parents are Sandra Affatato DiNardo and Antonio Tony DiNardo.

You can see his parent’s reaction to his action.

His mother, Sandra Affatato DiNardo, said that her son was a model and wonderful son and continued saying that his mental health degraded and he became sick, which led to him being a murderer.

However, his father said,” He was mad. I could tell he was angry…Cosmo asked if I was with a certain person, and I said yes.” And when Sandra, Tony’s wife, was called to the stand soon after, she broke down and made a hasty exit, saying sorry to the victims’ family members.

Cosmo Dinardo Family Sister and Story

Cosmo Dinardo Family includes his mother, father, sister, and himself.

Mother Sandra said he used to be a model son and a wonderful human being.

His sister, Bella Dinardo, was a student at Archbishop Ryan High School in Pennsylvania. She is not involved in the crime and innocent, but Cosmo’s cousin Sean Kratz was involved in the killings and sentenced accordingly.

The story of Cosmo began with the disappearance of four younger boys and their death. The story demised after his mental illness; before that, he was a scholar holder at Arcadia University and wanted to become an orthodontist.

His mental illness began to deteriorate in 2015, and he was diagnosed with a depressive disorder, and he grew even worse after an ATV accident on the family farm. When confessing to the police after he had murdered the four young men, Cosmo said, “I don’t know why I did this sh*t, man. I threw my life away for nothing.

My life is done, for nothing.” He added, “I am just a happy-go-lucky guy. This is why it’s so f***ed up.”

Where is Cosmo Now? Update

Quadruple murderer Cosmo Dinardo moved out of medium-security prison.

He had been serving his four life sentences at SCI Retreat in Luzerne County since 2018, when he pleaded guilty to the 2017 murders of four young boys.

He was transferred Wednesday out of the medium-security Retreat to SCI Huntingdon in the Allegheny Mountains, described as one of the state’s “highest-security facilities,” Pennsylvania Department of Corrections spokeswoman Susan McNaughton confirmed Friday.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is not providing a reason behind his movement.

Since he is jailed, he is not staying in a house. He has his own Facebook account in his own name.

Why Did He Kill? Prison

He killed four boys without any reason. He had a mental illness. Maybe this all happen because of his mental illness.

He served his four life sentences at SCI Retreat in Luzerne County and out of medium-security prison.