What Is Jax Irwin Gender? Is The Canadian Radio Host Transgender?

As Jax Irwin has started to accumulate fame, her fans have started to question her gender. Many are confused about whether she is a lesbian or transgender.

Jax is a professional Radio host famous for her work with Adam Wylde, TJ & Jax on 99.9 Virgin Radio.

She is a very active person involving in if many different good causes.

She can be seen been posting about body positivity and #EndAbleism.

She even talks about these sensitive topics during her show, communicating knowledge about it to the people listening to her show.

Jax Irwin Gender: Is She Lesbian?

Jax Irwin is proudly a member of the LGBT community. She is not shy to represent her gender as a lesbian.

She has even written She/her on her Twitter. Taking a stroll in her social media platform, we can see how comfortable she is the way she is.

Most people would think Jax is badly proud of her gender and have an overwhelming presence. Well, that is not the case; Jax seems like a very chill person.

She loves being a lesbian and a cool one. Like ones you look up to in the movies and can’t get them out of your head.

Jax Irwin Wikipedia -Who Is She?

Jax Irwin has been involved in the radio host profession for a long time. It suits her as her voice and energy can make listening to her very enjoyable.

Jax is currently working for Bell Media as the morning co-host of her show Virgin Mornings with Adam Wylde, TJ & Jax on 99.9 Virgin Radio.

She worked with the company even during her career after she completed her diploma in Broadcasting.

However, she left them to join Roggers communication, where she worked for around nearly 4 years.

Jax Irwin Partner And Family

Jax Irwin has not exactly stated who she is dating at the moment. Well, there are some hints which can be used to identify her partner.

There isn’t much information about her family except her father, who passed way back in 2018. Her mother frequently pops on her social media but doesn’t reveal any more than her face.

Taking a stroll on her Instagram page, we can see she has a lot of photos with a @__noseybish.

She has even mentioned her as a sweetheart but exactly said if they are dating or not. As Jax is a lesbian, we suspect her to be dating @__noseybish.

Jax Irwin Salary And Net Worth

Jax Irwin’s exaction information on salary and net worth hasn’t been released, but we can guess it.

The average annual salary for a Radio Show Host at Bell media is C$32824. Normally the average salary would be to our typical starters, but in the case of Jax, she is already a professional

She is expected to earn nearly $80,000 annually, with her net worth reaching the high of $200,000.