What Is Fat Barbie Meme? I Want A Barbie TikTok Sound And Original Movie Details

Far barbie meme is the new trend on Tiktok. A lot of Tiktok users are creating various clips and videos using the viral sound on the platform. Let us find out what really it is about.

Tiktok app is always known to be a place where people create various types of videos and make new trends almost every day or week.

Recently, a trend where the users use the Fat Barbie soundtrack is going on. This trend is usually common among female Tiktok creators rather than males.

What Is Fat Barbie Meme?

The Fat Barbie meme has been used by over a million users on the Tiktok site.

The #fatbarbie has over 18.6 million views as of this publication. The sound has been used to make funny videos that are related to the user’s wants and desires.

Some examples of the videos are, a girl who has a body but she wants a perfect body or someone who has been asked out by many males to be her girlfriend wants the one who does not want her.

Many such hilarious videos can be easily found on TikTok if you search on Tiktok using the hashtag fat barbie.

I Want A Barbie TikTok Sound And Original Movie Details

I want a barbie Tiktok sound is originally taken from the movie called ” Instant Family.”

The movie was released in 2018 which features many popular actors such as Mark Walhberg, Rose Bryan, and many others.

The particular sound or clip occurs at a supermarket when Rose Bryan’s character takes her daughter shopping and she yells, “I want a Barbie, Santa gave me a fat barbie”.

The theme of the movie is, when a couple decides to start a family, they are inspired to pursue adoption through the foster care system.

Afterward, they have three wild children at home. Now they must learn to love and parent children who have no interest in being parented in this heartwarming comedy.

I want A Barbie Santa Got Me A Fat Barbie: What Is It?

I want a barbie, Santa got me a fat barbie is actually a dialogue used by a young girl in the movie Instant Family.

Tiktok users have cut this specified part of the dialogue from the movie and created videos using it. Shortly after, many videos were made using this sound.

It can be considered a way of making fun videos that have been turned into a trendy sound on the Tiktok app.

You can watch it or even create fun videos using this sound and you might even get a lot of likes on your video.