What Is Dan Bongino Ethnicity? Everything About The Right Wing Political Commentator

Dan Bongino belongs to the half Italian and half American Ethnicity community who currently serves as an American right-wing political commentator. Let’s learn more about the former NYPD officer and explore his Wikipedia. 

Daniel John Bongino is a popular radio host and a congressman who is popular among the audience as the host of The Dan Bongino Show on Fox Nation.

The former NYPD officer has failed multiple times as a politician but made a career as a successful host and a political commentator.

Dan certainly enjoyed his time in the United States Secret Service as a special agent before finally entering politics.

What is Dan Bongino Ethnicity?

Dan Bongino is of half Italian descent who was born to Italian-American parents.

Although he has American citizenship, his ancestors were Italian citizens.

Thanks to his Italian background, she also speaks little Italian.

Dan Bongino Parents

Dan Bongino’s parents are of half Italian descent.

Being an Italian-American, his parents certainly had to work hard and earned a reputation in the USA.

Thanks to his parents, Dan never had to struggle to go to reputed Universities and get a better education all his life.

Dan Bongino always remembers his parent’s hard work and thanks them for their support.

However, Dan has never revealed his parent’s private information, including their names.

Who is Dan Bongino Wife? Everything on his Family members

Dan Bongino always praises his wife, Paula Andrea, for supporting him and looking after his family.

His wife Paula Andrea was born in Columbia and later migrated to the USA.

Dan has two daughters with his wife and always feels proud to be a father.

Earlier in his career, he had a total of 3 businesses running at the same time with the help of his wife.

From selling martial arts apparel to designing websites to finally settling as a consultant for security and risk management, Dan and his wife did it all to earn money for their family.

But every business was shut down when he finally decided to make a career in politics for the better future of his family.

Dan Bongino Net worth

As of 2021, Dan Bongino has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

He made most of his fortune as a successful radio host and an American right-wing political commentator.

Other than that, he is also an author who has also contributed to his net worth.

He has his own show and podcast, which also generates a lot of money for him.