What Happened To Dude Perfect? Garrett Hilbert Car Accident, Death – Is He Alive?

What happened to Garrett Hilbert from the dude perfect channel? He is believed to be dead due to a car accident. Is her alive, find out the answer to your question.

Garrett Hilbert is a US YouTube user who co-founded the hugely successful Dude Perfect channel. The channel gained more than 36 million followers in December 2018.

The channel is known as a one-stop destination for sports and entertainment fans for its exciting exploits, and Garrett and his team Tyler, Coby, Cory, and Cody jointly formed Dude Perfect.

What Happened To Dude Perfect?

Dude Perfect is one of the most popular Youtube channels of modern times.

It has over 56 million subscribers to this day. It is one of the fastest-growing channels on Youtube due to its entertaining content and thriller competitions.

Hilbert is one of the members and originally one of the co-founders of the Dude Perfect channel. He is one of the oldest members of the channel.

Although Hilbert wasn’t on screen much in the videos, featured in a few videos, and was the channel’s main sponsor.

The rumors of his unfortunate death have now destroyed viewers looking to see if the person is really dead.

Garrett Hilbert Car Accident

Seeing all the news and talks online, it looks like the Dude Perfect co-founder, Garrett Hilbert has actually died.

However, the official handout or the news of his demise has not been made so far, thus it’d also be a rumor only.

The news of Hilbert’s death appears to possess started after a TikTok video that contained the news of his passing was shared.

As per the knowledge theory on the TikTok video, the co-founder of Dude Perfect, Garrett Hilber’s death cause was a car accident.

His car was hit by a truck that came on the incorrect side where Hilbert was driving.

Is Garrett Hilbert Alive?

We are not sure whether Garrett is dead or alive at the moment.

According to various sources, he is believed to be dead while an obituary from his official channel is not published yet.

Garrett was getting to meet the opposite YouTube channel members at the headquarter for discussing another video plan when the accident happened because the notice reads.

It further mentions that the opposite members of the channel were informed by Garrett’s wife who was absolutely devastated by the news.

Despite this, because the official obituary has not been released yet, it’s not confirmed that Hilbert has really died.