Tye Tribbett Age, Wife, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Height, Tour Now

Tye Tribbett is a gospel music singer, songwriter, and musician from America. This man in his 40s is capable of talking through his music. He is a Christian and creates and performs Christian music. For his work in the music, he has been nominated for Grammy. Moreover, he along with his group called Tye Tribbett & G.A. has won the Stellar Award. Some of his popular songs are, He Turned It and If He Did It Before. Also, he has worked with a few popular people from Hollywood.

Tye has been doing a musical Tour

Recently, Tye has been doing a Tour all over America. He was in the Virginia State University for August 30. Then a few days ago, he was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Apart from this, his fans expect to see him at more places as well. With these tours, he has not only been able to earn for himself but has been able to bring changes to people’s lives in many extents. Through his songs, people find themselves closer to god.

Tye is 6 feet and 2 inches tall

This musician has a fit and tall body. Tye Tribbett is approximately 6 feet and 2 inches tall. Although he looks a bit thin in his pictures, he is very fit and healthy.

Tye Tribbett’s Wiki and Bio

He was born on January 26, 1976, in Camden, New Jersey, United States. His birth name is Tyrone. Tye’s father was a pastor in Apostolic Pentecostal Church. He grew up in the same church. His mother was a minister and a DJ in Philadelphia. As for his music career, he has>Instagram and has over 719,000 followers. also, his Twitter account has more than 364,000 followers. And he has a facebook page as well.

Tye Tribbett has a net worth over $5 Million

As recorded in 2016, Tye Tribbett had a net worth of approximately $4.6 Million. Coming to this year, this certainly has grown. So, as of 2019, his net worth must be over $5 Million. He does musical tours and continues to make music.

Tye Tribbett married Shante Tribbett. They also have 2 daughters

Tribbett has already been married to Shante Tribbett. She was a member of Greater Anointing when she married Tye. At present, she is the co-founder of Live Church Orlando alongside her husband Tye. They also have a book club. Tye and Shante have been married for over 2 decades. They tied the knot on 7 December 1997. The couple has 2 daughters together. However, Tye does not really look like a father of 2. They have a beautiful family. These three women have a strong impact on Tye’s life.

Tye is 43 years old

Well, yes, this man is already in the 43rd years of his age. However, sometimes Tye Tribbett does not look as old as a 43 years old person.