Top 50+ Most Innovative Nigerian Companies to Follow

Nigeria’s most innovative startups are not just diverse, but are also leaders in several industries ranging from Entertainment, Technology, Social Media, News and Content, to Education, Analytics, E-commerce, Design, Food, Hardware, Healthcare, Commerce, Sports, Finance, Marketing, Open source software and retail.

In the world of startups and entrepreneurship, we’re all watching and waiting for the next big thing to occur — we all are keen and anxiously for a new company to come out of nowhere and do something amazing that nobody has ever done before; possibly changing the world along the way, and who knows, that company could come out of Nigeria.

If there’s one thing all the companies we’ve listed here have in common, it’s the desire to keep innovating, there’s so much room for innovation in Nigeria with huge talent constantly pouring out of Nigerian Universities that include the likes of FUTO, UNN, University of Benin, University of Lagos, and University of Port Harcourt just to name a few. It’s no wonder why Nigeria has produced big-name innovative companies like Konga, Iroko TV, Deal Dey, Paga among several others

From over 10,000 young Nigerian companies, the most innovative and promising Nigerian startups are picked by top startup experts from different categories ranging from E-commerce to online recruitment, advertising, marketing, software, mobile and more.

Some of these startups are more established, while others are just getting their footing, there are several we came across that were too stealth to be included in this list. One thing is very clear: There are undoubtedly a number of innovative startups in Nigeria and all the companies we’ve listed have fresh concepts with the potential to become industry leaders.

We’re very excited about these companies unique products and services they offer, as well as their visions for a better world. These are some of the innovative companies and big ideas that keep us excited about the industry, please let us know in the comments if you think we missed any

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