Shauna Lake – Bio, Salary and Net Worth, Is She Married or Divorced?

Shauna Lake is an American journalist currently associated with the KUTV network. Lake is no newbie when it comes to broadcasting and has exhibited top-notch skills, working as the anchor of KUTV show, Fabulous and Person 2 Person. Currently divorced from her husband of many years, Shauna Lake is a mother of two adorable kids. There are plenty of fascinating things to know about this adorable lady; read on as we explore these facts below.

Shauna Lake – Bio

The stunning reporter was born on the 10th of August 1970 in Sacramento, California, the United States. She experienced a perfect childhood and was groomed alongside her two brothers Kevin Lake and Jared Lake at her place of birth.

Shauna Lake has often times publicly acknowledged her mom as her role model. In her words, she described her as the perfect teacher who taught her the way of life. As for details about her dad, Lake is yet to disclose any piece of information about him. Shauna developed an interest in becoming a journalist when she was very young and today, she is living in the world of her passion, doing what she knows how to do best.

She bagged a broadcasting degree from the Brigham Young University in Provo. After her graduation, she didn’t take a halt as she quickly started her professional career. She was hired by a local radio station in Maine where she began to work as a reporter. She excelled in the job and subsequently, she was hired by KUTV network.

At KUTV, she kicked off her career as an anchor for their Morning-Noon Show and learned a lot from Brian Mullahy who taught her the tricks of being on-air. She subsequently began to work as the host of the show titled 2Newsshow alongside Mark Koelbel. In the later years, Shauna worked on KUTV’s most rated shows, Fabulous and Person 2 Person.

Besides her job as a reporter, Shauna Lake is a lady with a large heart. From what we have gathered, several reports say that she is well involved with community and charity works and has helped out in various fundraising events. More so, Lake has equally donated handsomely to different charity causes.

Is She Married or Divorced?

Love they say is a kind of beautiful fear. Shauna once experienced marital union with a man named Todd Nathaniel Marshall. The two are yet to reveal the details of how they met and their union, however, their divorce news flooded news headlines.

While what they shared lasted, they had two children; Cole Lake Marshall and Luke Lake Marshall. They loved themselves dearly until 2016 when their union became unredeemable. Till date, the reasons behind their separation is currently not known.

Shortly after the duo went their separate ways, Todd got into an argument with the lady’s colleague Mark Koelbel, who he met at his ex-wife’s house. Meanwhile, Todd visited his ex-wife in order to drop a few clothes for his sons. Till date, no one knows what actually caused the duel between Mark and Todd but the news had it that the said chaos between the duo was quite serious with Mark ending up in the hospital. The matter was taken to court with Todd eventually receiving a 36 months probation sentence for assault. He was also asked to clear the medical bills incurred by Mark during his stay at the hospital.

Currently, Shauna Lake is yet to publicly address the issue between her ex-husband and colleague. She is rather busy taking care of her sons while building her career.

Salary and Net Worth

It is quite alarming that most broadcasting firms end up paying minimal amounts as salary, however, in the case of Shauna, she was quite favored to have joined the KUTV crew. More so, it has been proven that she also earns a reasonable amount of money for her shows and broadcasting gigs away from KUTV. Her salary with KUTV is pegged at $59,000 per annum. The station has in every way acknowledge her diligence. As per the details of her total net worth, it is believed that she sits on a net worth of $1 million.