Samora Smallwood

Samora Smallwood, born on 5th December, is a Canadian actress. Smallwood started her career as a model and ventured into the showbiz industry. She has earned quite of reputation as one of the popular actresses in the world of cinema. She is famous for her appearance on Star Trek: Discovery. Samora has versatile personality and is fearless about disclosing her political opinions.

Ten facts about Smallwood

1. Samora is multi-talented and is bilingual who is fluent in speaking French and Spanlish.

2. Smallwood is a writer and a very strong feminist. She loves challenges and to defy limitations and gender stereotypes.

3. Samora is Co-Chair of ACTRA’s Diversity Committee and  the founder of The Actors Work Studio, one of the bests acting studio in Toronto.

4. Smallwood is 1.74 meter tall but  has not disclosed her age yet. She’s been very private regarding her personal life.

5.Samora’s  half Cape-Verdean (West Africa) & Newfoundlander and has been to Africa twice. 

6. Samora has keen interest in reading; loves fitness and fight training and did her own stunts in “Tormented”. She’s been training in Krav Maga & Kali.

7. Samora fancies music and also has sung as Angel on-stage in “Here on the Flight Path”.

8. Samora’s recent work consists Star Trek, The Expanse, American Gods, Coroner, The Shelter, Shadowhunters, and Frankie Drake Mysteries in a story about white passing & black identity in Canada.

9. Samora is passionate about telling raw stories and promoting diversity in real and reel life. She was a jury member for The Female Eye Film Festival as well as a selected participant in The Reelworld Film Festival’s “Emerging 20” Talent to Watch Program.

10.Samora  is niece of Joey Smallwood, a Canadian politician who contributed a Premier of Newfoundland who is also known as  “Father of Confederation”.