Rebekah Marine: Bionic Arms, Body, Career, Husband & Net Worth

Rebekah Marine is a fashion model who has got the world’s most advanced prosthetic limbs. That already sounds so cool. She is the first bionic model to grace the runway for luxurious designers. Rebekah is hot, beautiful, that got a gold arm made on her auspicious day of the wedding.

When she first wanted to pursue her career as a model, all doors of hope were closed in her face. However, this diva didn’t get demotivated and stick to his dreams to become a model. Today we are going to uncover the study of a model or, more precisely, a girl who was born without a hand. The reason still is a mystery. We cannot imagine how much hardship this diva might have gone through to pursue her profession. Let’s start with some quick facts;

Rebekah Marine’s Family Background, Parents and Sibling

Rebekah Marine was born in Woodbury, New Jersey, USA. Unsurprisingly, she holds the nationality of America. Her families have always been supporting and motivating her since this model was born. The only reason why this model got so much fame in her career is because of her family and siblings.

Unfortunately, there is no information about this model’s families and sibling’s names. We will update the details as soon as it is on the media. Till then read this article to the end and know more about her.

Rebekah Marine’s Childhood and Education

Rebekah Marine was born without the right forearm. However, she spent her childhood without any prosthetic limbs. Later, she decided to have the congenial prosthetic limbs that would somehow make her life easy.

Marine completed her diploma from Rowan University. Also, we don’t know what was her major subject at that time.

How old is Rebekah Marine?-Age, Height and Body Measurement

Rebekah Marine was born on January 7, 1987. Currently, she is 32 years old and belongs to the sun sign of Capricorn. We do not know how tall she is, but she must be at least five feet 8 inches tall by its looks.

There is no doubt that this diva is hot and has a seductive body. To maintain her body, she does exercises that suit her. Unsurprisingly, there is no data on her body statistics. Although she seems to have body size od 32-27-36 inches. 

A Journey as a Model

Rebekah was keen on modeling since her childhood. She went to try with different fashion designers, and every time the result was disappointing. At that time, her mother was there to support this model all the time. The casting directors only saw her disability, not the sunshine behind the curtain. They even suggested that she won’t have any future in the fashion industry.

At 22, she got a myoelectric controlled prosthesis, an artificial limb that the users control with their muscles’ electrical signals. Soon after that, her friend asked if she would give it a shot in modeling, showing her new accessory. That meant a lot for her, and Rebekah tried to become a model again.

As “there is a sunshine after the rain,” she was hired by the Model of Diversity. During that, she booked a small bridal photo and appeared in Nordstorm’s 2015 anniversary catalog. That time, she graced the runway wearing Antonio Urzi at New York Fashion Week.

Apart from modeling, Marine also serves as an ambassador for Touch Bionics. Touch Bionics provides various prosthetic technologies.

Is Rebekah Marine married?

Yes, Rebekah walked down the aisle in 2018, April 7, with the hot and handsome Jared Paster. The lovey-dovey couple was dating since Paster was the first year of a medical student. The 32-year-old model decided to make her arm stand out even more. During the auspicious occasion of her marriage, she got a gold arm made and wore on her honeymoon in Mexico as well.

The couple gave birth to son Jackson on Monday of March 11, 2019. He is already nine months old.

Rebekah Marine’s Net Worth

There is no question that Rebekah earns a lot of fortune from her modeling career. She is a hardworking model who has been through tough times. Unexpectedly, we don’t have any details about her net worth, income, salary, cars, mansions, and more. This model has a dog named Buiser.

Social Media Presence

No matter how much she is busy in her daily life with a husband and her beloved son, she makes time for her fans. This bionic model is active on Instagram and Twitter.

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