Paul Solomons Wikipedia, Net Worth And Age Of Kylie Minogue’s Boyfriend

Paul Solomons is the boyfriend of popular Australian Singer, Kylie Minogue. The two have been together for three to four years. Solomons is an England citizen who serves as the Creative Director for British GQ and GQ Style Magazines.

Paul Solomons is also the director of Paul Solomons Design LTD. He became popular after his relationship with the singer was made public.

Paul Solomons Net Worth

How much is Paul Solomons worth? Even though Solomons has not disclosed his net worth yet, some sources have revealed that because of his position at the popular magazine company as the Creative Director, he might be worth between $500,000 to $1 million.

Paul Solomons Age

How old is Paul Solomons? Paul Solomons is a 47-year-old man who was born on 2nd April 1974.

Is Kylie and Paul still together?

Kylie and Paul are still together, they are in love but not engaged nor married yet. The two started dating in February 2018, and they started dating shortly afterwards.

How did Kylie meet Paul?

According to sources, Paul was introduced to Kylie by a mutual friend who thought the two would be a great pair. After meeting in February 2018, they made their relationship public in May 2018 when Kylie made a post on her Instagram page.

Does Kylie Minogue have a husband?

Kylie Minogue has not been officially married yet. She was once backlashed by the media for stating that she was ‘engaged’ to Paul Solomons.