Michael Myers Real Face Revealed – Mask Origin and Sister Laurie Strode

Micheal Myers’s real face got revealed, the most awaited moment for the fans. Here is more about the identity of the main antagonist character. 

With the release of “Halloween Kills” on 15 October 2021 in the United States, the slasher movie has captivated the people. Only by the trailer, the fans have been more than excited to know about the masked character.

Moreover, the star of the movie recently spilled the beans, which has made the film more thrilling. Also, it is the first time that Halloween Kills has unmasked the Myers.

In this article, you will learn about the infamous Michael Myers, the killer in the movie. Spoiler Alert! Do not scroll if you have not watched the movie.

Michael Myers Real Face Revealed

“Halloween Kills” has finally revealed Michael Myers’s actual face. The movie is a horror sequel led by the masked character Michael who is a murderer.

The masked guy is the symbolic character who has contributed to most of the movie’s parts. Michael and his mask have been inseparable that has made the film more thrilling.

Although his mask has been removed in the “Halloween Kills,” people only get to see his side profile. However, with the final series “Halloween Ends,” there is a chance that the fans might get to know the front profile of the masked murderer.

The unmasked Myers was a balding, tall figure with a vague human silhouette. The actor who played in the scenes of the Myers was James Jude Courtney.

In the upcoming release of “Halloween Ends,” the actor has also been set to continue his role.

Michael Myers- Mask Origin And Sister Laurie Strode

In the movie, the mask got portrayed as Michael’s greatest weakness. Always having his mask on during a murder, the survivor Lindsey tears his mask revealing, his face.

Micheal heads for his sister Laurie as his next target instead; he falls into her trap. Managing to escape the setup, he goes on a rampage.

Before coming for Laurie, the masked killer has stalked her after recognizing her as his sister. The whole attack took place when her friends were babysitting.

Why Does Michael Myers Want To Kill His Sister?

After the movie, loads of audiences wondered about the reason behind Michael wanting to kill his sister, Laurie. There has been a lot of theory for his intention to kill a girl.

As for his sister, he manages to put defense for herself from her killer brother. Micheal, as serial murder, has faced this difficulty for the first time through his killings.

One of the theories for him to kill his sister might be because he finds her challenging. Laurie has managed to get away from him somehow.