Michael Miziner

Michael Miziner is a very lucky guy considering that he married the former Miss Universe Australia, Lot is unknown about the guy but what do you expect….there are 7 billion people on the planet and we don’t know things about them. People have started to care about Michael because he is married to Rachael Finch who is famous.

Michal is a professional dancer and met Racheal in Dancing With The Stars and then next thing we know, he shimmied his way into Racheal’s heart, and they have been inseparable ever since. If you care to know about Michael and obscure details about his life, you have come just to the right place.


Quick Facts: Michael Miziner

NameMichael Miziner
HeightAbout 6 feets
Net WorthUnder Review
WifeRachael Finch
ChildrenViolet and Dominic

10 Facts About Michael Miziner That You Should Probably Know

  1. Michael Miziner is a professional dancer and his resume includes the very famous Dancing with the stars.
  2. The details regarding his birthdate, his age, childhood still remain a mystery.
  3. Miziner was born in Ukraine and is of Latin American origin.
  4. We don’t have a clear idea about his nationality as of now.
  5. The details regarding his parents and siblings are a mystery and maybe he wants it to be secret which is perfectly understandable.
  6. He is married to former Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch and they are absolutely adorable next to each other.
  7. We have no idea where he studied or such but he might have professionally trained to dance in an institute but we have no idea specifically.
  8. He has two beautiful children. He is blessed with a baby girl named Violet and an even smaller baby buy named Dominique.
  9. His wife Racheal later said on an interview that she absolutely fell in love with Michael’s aura the minute she saw him.
  10.  Mike has followed 385 people on Instagram and has a following of 9 thousand people which is pretty cool.