Is Mery_Soldier a person’s name? The answer is No. Instead, it is a name used for live game streaming on the Twitch channel by María Soldado.

Maria Soldado was born in Valencia a city in Spain on April 6. She is a web star popularly known as a live games streamer and her Twitch Channel named, Mery_Soldier made her in the spotlight.

So far Maria Soldado has live stream 7 games through her Twitch channel named as Mery_Soldier. As of today, she has already live stream for 199 hours with 248,316 followers and total views of 5,683,909 on her Twitch Channel as per the twitchstats.

Namemery_soldier(Maria Soldado)
Birthday6 April 1993
Age27 years
Height4 Feet 7 Inches
Weight125 lbs (56.6 kg)
ProfessionTwitch Star

10 Facts About Mery_Soldier

  1. Maria Soldado a gamer, live streamer holds a Spanish nationality. Maria Soldado was born in 1993. Hence, Maria Soldado is 27 years of age. Also, a popular web star, Mario celebrates her birthday on April 6.
  2. Now talking about Mario’s live game streaming channel i.e Mery_Soldier, the account was started on Jul 11, 2015, So as of now it’s been nearly 6 years since Mario’s live game streaming channel on Twitch started.
  3. Interestingly, Maria Soldado is a real name behind Mery_Soldier, as Mery_Soldier is a  live game streaming account that is handled by Maria Soldado.
  4.  Unlike many other, rising stars, Maria Soldado’s boyfriend is not yet known, as Mario hasn’t disclosed her personal love interest over the internet.
  5.  Just because Maria Soldado has gained huge popularity through her live game streaming channel, mery_soldier.Maria Soldado has even named her personal Instagram account mery_soldier where she has huge followers around 87.5k followers.
  6. Talking about  Mario Soldado’s bio, she started her profession as a live streamer after starting her live game streaming account on Twitch channel since then Mario doesn’t have to look back and is still progressing towards huge success as a live streamer or gamer.
  7. IS  mery_soldier a Twitch Star? The answer probably is No, because, considering the stats as of today, mery_soldier rank as 1474th as per the number of followers ad ranked 2582nd  as per a total viewer as a gaming account in Twitch Channel.
  8. However personally wise, Mario Soldado can be considered a popular Twitch Star.
  9. Also, Mario Soldado is ranked in the list of richest Twitch stars.
  10.  A popular web star, Mario Soldado’s verified net worth is not found yet however as per celebsdating, her net worth is  $1 Million for 2021, But it is yet to be confirmed.