Mayte Mateos Wikipedia Bio: Everything On Maria Mendiola Bandmate

Mayte Mateos was one of the original Spanish duo, Baccara. Her former Baccara partner, Maria Mendiola, has passed away at 69. To know all about her, keep reading.

Mayte Mateos is a Spanish singer, dancer, and painter.

She is best known as one part of the Spanish female vocal duo, Baccara. The original group comprising of Mayte and María Mendiola disbanded in 1981.

The disbandment forged two Baccara, one with Mayte and another with Maria. The one with Mayte is still going strong till now. As for Maria’s, it has been disbanded with Maria’s death on 11 September 2021.

Baccara – Mayte Mateos Wikipedia And Instagram

Mayte Mateos is one-half of the original Baccara and reformed Baccara.

She was a certified dance teacher at Madrid’s Royal Spanish School of Arts, Drama, and Dance. Like her original Baccara partner, she used to perform in Spanish television ballet.

On the historic day of 1976, Mayte and Maria thought of forming a dancing group called Venus. After that, the duo left the ballet company and began performing in the streets as show dancers. However, they did struggle for a bit, but an RCA Executive, Leon Deane, spotted them in Fuerteventura and signed them to the label.

And with Leon’s help, the two later became renowned as Baccara. As Baccara, the duo debuted with the single, Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, in 1977. The debut single was a disco classic with more than 16 million sales and music chart No.1s in several countries.

Followed with the single’s success, they>Baccara, later that year. And as every beautiful thing lasts for a short period of time, the duo disbanded in 1981.

Baccara released four albums throughout the career span. After the split, Mayte reformed Baccara with Marisa Pérez in 1983. Maria did the same in 1985 and called it New Baccara.

As for Mateos social media presence, she is a user of Instagram as @matthews.mayte. She further has another Instagram account reserved for her reformed Baccara as @baccara.official.

Mayte Mateos Age

Mayte Mateos’ age is 70 years old.

She was born on 7 February 1951 in Logroño, Spain.

Mayte’s former Baccara partner, Maria, born on 4 April 1952, died at 69 in Madrid.

Mayte Mateos Net Worth

Mayte Mateos hasn’t disclosed her net worth publically.

However, the estimated net worth of Baccara is $6 million.

It’s a rough estimate based on the record sales of the duo in the late 70s. As for Mayte’s own net worth, it should also be somewhere around that figure. Her major source of income is music streams, pure sales, and endorsement deals. She is also a certified dance teacher.

Mayte Mateos Husband

Mayte Mateos’ husband is yet to be revealed to the general public.

Despite her fame, not much is known about her love life. Further, she isn’t very active on social media.