Lindsey Buckingham – Bio, Wife, Children, Family, Age, Height, Net Worth

When talking about talented people in the music world who are gifted from birth without any background of formal musical education, Lindsey Buckingham is one of them. He is an American rock-star who is popularly known as a fingerstyle guitarist and singer of Fleetwood Mac band for many years. Having a great passion for music as a teen, Buckingham joined a musical group called, Fritz Rabyne memorial and later left after some time to do some music collaboration with Stevie Nicks. Fortunately, one of the tracks, ‘Frozen Love’, from their album, titled, Buckingham Nicks dropped in 1973, earned him his first musical career breakthrough as he was hired by Fleetwood Mac band and this marked a new era for the skilled musician.

After recording his first album with Fleetwood Mac Band, his second album with the musical group titled ‘Rumors’, earned them a Grammy Award for the album of the year which brought Lindsey Buckingham to the peak of superstardom. It became a big radio hit of its time and is still ranked as one of his best songs ever with more than forty million copies sold, escalating him to the heights of glory and eminence. More background details about the highly-skilled American musician below.

Lindsey Buckingham Biography (Age)

The skilled musician was born in the beautiful city of Palo Alto, California on 3rd of October, 1949, to his parents, Rutheda and Morris Buckingham. He is the last child of his parents and has two elder brothers, Gregory Buckingham and Jeffrey Buckingham. While attending Menlo Atherton High school, San Francisco in his teens, Lindsey Buckingham was introduced to a swimming sports competition alongside his brothers. He was performing very well until he decided to quit and focus more on his music career. However, his older brother, Gregory continued and won a silver medal at a Summer Olympics in 1968.

When his parents noticed Buckingham’s passion for music, they bought him his first guitar, which he used to teach himself how to play the guitar. He then followed up his basic education by enrolling at San Jose State University, California, but eventually dropped out in order to further his music career.

In 1966, Buckingham put his career to a start, by joining his first musical band, The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band and shortly after that, the group welcomed his friend Stevie Nicks as a second singer. They played with the musical group for five years before quitting to form their own group and eventually began dating. Then in 1973, the highly esteemed musician and Nicks released an album titled, ‘Buckingham Nicks’, which recorded poor sales. Nevertheless, he moved on to stage a wonderful musical performance of his song, ‘Frozen Love’, which impressed Mick Fleetwood, a co-founder of Fleetwood Mac band and as a result, Buckingham and Nick were signed to their group in 1975.

Lindsey Buckingham worked with them for 12 years before quitting the group due to some music tour issues and his breakup with his lover, Stevie Nicks. After six years of disintegration, Buckingham later came back to the group for them to perform together during Bill Clinton’s campaign ceremony in 1992, but they never worked together again until four years later when the musical group reunited. However, he was subsequently fired by the Fleetwood Mac band in 2018 and was replaced by Mike Campbell. Since then, he has been doing some solo and live musical shows.

Most of his personal and collaborative works with Fleetwood Mac band include ‘Law and Order’, ‘Out of the Cradle’, ‘Under the Skin’, ‘Tusk’, ‘Mirage’ and many others. In addition, Buckingham has also released some of his live performance videos which includes, ‘Live in Boston’, ‘Greatest Hits’, ‘The Chain’, ’50 Years-Don’t Stop’ and many others.

Lindsey Buckingham’s Net worth

Buckingham has garnered a huge fortune for himself as a guitarist, music composer, singer and producer and his net worth is reportedly estimated at $100 million as of 2019.

Lindsey Buckingham’s Family – His Wife and Children

The talented singer and guitarist has had his own share of failed relationships with pretty ladies such as Stevie Nicks and Carol Harris before meeting his soul mate, Kristen Messner, in 1997, a former professional photographer and currently an interior designer. They dated for three years in a love affair that produced a son, William Gregory Buckingham on 8th July 1998. The pair walked down the aisle on February 15th 2000 and also had their first daughter, Leelee Buckingham same year. Thereafter, on April 20th 2004, they welcomed their second daughter, Stella. The proud father composed a song titled, It Was You, with the names of his three kids.

His Height

The adept singer is quite tall as he is standing at the towering height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.77 m) and weighs 68 kg (149 lb). His other body measurements have not yet been disclosed to the public.